How Fast Will A 55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

Last Updated: June 29th, 2021 | By: Gina

Today’s markets are full with motors of different types and styles. These are different from each other on the basis of their speed and their durability or endurance.

So, before using any kind of motor it is necessary to understand about its working and all other important aspects. In this content; we will be discussing about the 55 lb thrust trolling motor speed. This article mainly discusses the factors determining the speed of the above mentioned motor.

55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go

The following are the factors which help in determination of how fast does a trolling motor go:

1.Amount of Weight:

The speed of the motor boat depends upon the amount of load that is being carried by the motor boat. More will be the amount of load, more time the boat takes to carry the load and this in turn lowers down the speed of the boat. The converse is also true.

So, proper amount of weight should be put upon if you need more speed.


The frequentness or the frequency of usage of trolling motor affects the speed of the motor. A boat that is used more often travels faster than the one which is not frequently used.

The reason being the frequent usage makes the engine more powered.

3.Nature of the water:

Nature of the water plays a very crucial role in determining the speed of the motor boat. In calm and still water the boat travels at a faster speed rather than in turbulent water.

In turbulent water there are many disturbances which in turn lower the speed of the motor boat.

4.Variety of Models:

There is very different kind of motor boats. Not all are same. All are different from each other in one or the other way. Some of these are highly popular as they are highly reliable; for example Minn Kota etc.

These boats are likely to have more speed rather in comparison to other motor boats.


As the different kinds of motor boats have different speed, the fuel used in the motor boat also determines the speed of the motor boat.

Just like every vehicle has some kind of specific fuel which is used to run it; motor boat also has 3 kinds of fuel upon which it runs. The first one is the gasoline which is the slowest.

The second is diesel which is faster than the gasoline and the last is distillate which is the fastest fuel for running the motor boat.

55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go

Well there are many different ways that help in making the trolling motor faster. Some of which are:

Battery changes:

Dying batteries often give poor performance as compared to the fresh ones. More powerful batteries should be used in order to get better speed.

Reduction in the weight:

As discussed above more the weight less will be the speed of the motor boat and vice versa. So, reduction in the weight load increases the speed of boat.

Replacing existing motor:

Existing motor should be replaced time to time for proper and efficient working of the motor boat. New motor works more effectively rather than the old ones.

How Fast Will A 55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go?

55 lb thrust trolling motor will go at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour assuming that there is no disturbance in between, with the usage of best fuel i.e. distillateThe battery takes 2 full hours to get depleted in this case. This means that a good motor boat should be used for a limited amount of time only.

These trolling motor boats are not made to take you far off the shore for a long duration. These boats keep you close to the shore; but these boats guarantee an amazing experience whenever they are used.

It is up to your hands how to use it. It is therefore important to make arrangements to make it properly charged so that it doesn’t create any problem while long routing. Everything should be properly checked and then the routes should be started because safety always comes first.