The Best Boat Vinyl Cleaners of 2023

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Owning a boat makes any boat owner feel proud, and is certainly a good investment. So, give longevity to your prized possession by maintaining it well. especially, when it comes to seats, they are subject to any sort of damage.

The seats should be covered with vinyl material and should be cleaned regularly for longer life. The marine environment is quite challenging, so your boat seats need extra cleaning.

But the vinyl material alone cannot do anything until it is also taken proper care of, as it might get cracks, dry or fade when exposed to dust, dirt or sun rays. This way keeping your boat clean becomes the topmost priority. Let’s take a look at the marine vinyl cleaner options available in the market.

Some Of The Best Boat Vinyl Cleaner Are:


Meguiar’s Marine Vinyl Cleaner

  • Premium Quality

  • Convenient to Use

  • Multi-purpose


Star Brite Mildew Stain Remover

  • Spray and Wipe

  • No Cleaning Hassles

  • Triple-Action Formula


3M Vinly Cleaner

  • Multi-tasker

  • Durable

  • Non-toxic Formula

What is the Best Cleaner For Vinyl Boat Seats

boat upholstery cleaner

Spray nine marine cleaner is one of the best multipurpose vinyl cleaners. This one is a great disinfectant that can work above and below deck. It greatly helps in removing stains, killing germs, treats any sort of yellowing and also abolishes bacterial and nasty odors.

With the least of efforts, one can keep their boat clean. This should be used in routine to control the mold and mildew on vinyl, hand surfaces or any carpets. This spray nine vinyl cleaner is rated as No.1 cl Boat cleaner by PowerBoat reports also. It is also top-rated by a Practical sailor.

As the marine conditions are quite tough, thus keeping your boat vinyl clean also becomes quite challenging. But this wonderful spray promises to keep your boat absolutely clean and fresh, just like a new one with the natural gloss.

It is multi-purpose and very effective for varied kinds of boats and their surfaces like vinyl, plastic, canvas, cushions, inflatables, lifejackets, rubber, etc. We all know that we are always exposed to the end of the number of germs, bacteria, which can end up in giving us infections. Just spray this spray nine and wipe off dust, germs, stains and make your boat look like brand new always.



  • Multipurpose disinfectant.

  • Helps removes stains, yellowing, kills bacteria and eliminates bacterial odors.

  • Just spray and wipe, so easy to use.

  • Features a 1″ balanced dome tweeter.


  • Only for marine purposes.

best cleaner for boat vinyl seats

The Meguiar’s vinyl, rubber cleaner, and protectant are specially formulated to fight the tough and severe conditions of RV and marine environments. It is inclusive of a complex blend of ingredients of premium quality.

This high-quality product helps in protecting your boat vinyl, rubber or plastic surfaces, along with keeping them clean and shiny. It helps in keeping the boat vinyl intact and the natural luster looks like new.

It has special conditioners which give it protection. The boat surfaces can be damaged, cracked or get faded by sun rays. This comes with UV protection and also prevents RV surfaces from drying.

It works as a great solution for deep cleaning, protection, and shine of your recreational vessel. It is again the best vinyl cleaner in the market these days, which acts as a protectant also. It also offers ultimate surface protection against adverse marine environments.

The best thing which I appreciate for this product is that it gives life to one’s boat, and the natural sheen also remains the same. Its extremely convenient to use this cleaner and protectant, I and my friend use this one regularly.

Just spray it by pressing the spray cleaner trigger and see the magic, stains, and dirt just vanish in seconds adding a sparkle to your boat.



  • Made up complex ingredients which are specially formulated to clean vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

  • It is very handy and has a convenient spray trigger to clean the surfaces.


  • One problem I faced, it is a bit strong, can lead to fading of cloth and clear plastic Surfaces.

vinyl upholstery cleaner

This boat bling vinyl cleaner is an excellent one for interior vinyl and leather cleaning. An ultimate one that helps in removing dirt, sunblock, mildew, and oils. It also helps in preventing the growth of mold and mildew during storage.

A well-known name in the world of boating. It is versatile and is designed for watercraft, RV’s, motorcycles, ATV’s and others. It is safe on carpets and plastics also. This boat bling is the top-most choice of boat manufacturers and owner groups.

This product is manufactured in the US and is a premium quality one. It comes with impressive features making it a unique one, undoubtedly the best one in the market. Designed with excellence, this product prevents the exposure of vinyl to harmful chemicals.

A safe and effective cleaner, with easy to use application. Unlike others, it eliminates the growth of mold and mildew stains. It can work both as a cleaner and a blocker for stubborn stains. For getting excellent results, it is recommended to pair this product with the Boat Bling Hot Sauce.



  • A very impressive, effective and safe one to use in routine.

  • Non-caustic, Non-silicon, Bio-degradable.

  • Acts as a cleaner and blocker both, thereby preventing the growth of mold and mildew.


  • It can be paired with the Boat Bling Hot Sauce.

best vinyl protectant

Star Brite products are the pride of the USA (1973). Whenever we hear about mold and mildew stains, the first thing we associate with it is heavy scrubbing and rubbing. But in case we are using Star Brite, then no cleaning hassles!

The stains can be removed quickly with the utmost ease. It is manufactured with a great design, especially to deal with rigid marine environments. Even your home and RV can be cleaned with this. Just spray it, wait for a while till the stain vanishes (15-30 seconds), scrub gently and then rinse in the last with a wet cloth.

The high-alkaline, triple-action formula along with a buffered bleach is extremely beneficial in dealing and removing tough stains of mold and mildew. It has a dual function, stain remover+ cleaner, additional chelating agents and surfactants to lift ground-in dirt and cuts, oil, grease, and grime respectively.

It has proved to be more effective and has more cleaning power as compared to the unbuffered “bleach-water” based products or the diluted version of the other brands available in the supermarket.

A product that is worth all the appreciation. This concentrated formula with the buffered bleach-technology is best suited for cleaning the vinyl chair, cushions, tiles, fiberglass, boat tops, mats, grouts, shower curtains, awnings, outdoor upholstery and acrylic fabrics and many more. Furthermore, it keeps the stitching and threads intact, it is advised to test the colorfastness of the cloth or fabric prior.



  • It acts both as a stain remover and cleaner.

  • It acts both as a stain remover and cleaner.

  • It acts both as a stain remover and cleaner.


  • It acts both as a stain remover and cleaner.

3m marine vinyl cleaner

Don’t you want to restore the natural sheen of your vinyl? Of course, yes! The vinyl is often damaged with harsh marine weather conditions, be it water or the rays of the sun or mildew growth, the 3M Marine vinyl cleaner is a good one to invest in.

We can also call it a multi-tasker as it is a cleaner + conditioner + protectant in one bottle. This Gel formula works excellently with a 3M microfiber cloth, giving a good control while cleaning.

This versatile cleaner acts as a shield for vinyl and rubber. This performs as a protector also, which forms a blockade against mildew, dirt, and stains. This formula helps in restoring the appearance like a brand new one for cushions, furniture boat fenders, seats, etc. This versatile product is a durable one and lasts for a long time.

It is also ideal for fiberglass, grout, wood, metal, nylon and more. This non-toxic formula inhibits the growth of mildew. This product is so wonderful and has impressive features that work efficiently to perform deep cleaning against tough stains, mildew, dirt and more.

Using this cleaner is so easy, that I just love gazing at the surfaces after cleaning them. My boat seat covers got an absolutely neat and natural look after using this amazing product.

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  • This comes in a fresh lemon fragrance, which helps in eliminating odor.

  • It does deep cleaning with ease and excellence.


  • It doesn’t prove of much help for sealed vinyl and waterproof surfaces.

Which boat Vinyl cleaner should I choose?

After a detailed study, I came across many things, worth sharing. So, let me give you some buying tips.

It becomes of prime importance to keep your boat, or any part in the boat clean for long term maintenance and its benefits. A clean boat is always soothing for the eyes and a wonderful one to use.

Not to forget that a clean boat gives a fresher feel and satisfaction to the boat owners and any other users of the boat. So, keep your boat sparkling clean with best boat vinyl cleaners. A few points should be kept in mind before buying a cleaner for your dream boat.

Try not to buy cleaners with bleach

Any cleaner with bleaching agents may prove harmful for your boat seat covers or other surfaces. Bleach cleans the surface, but the harmful chemicals quickly dull the color of your boat seat surface. Try to eliminate such type of cleaners which have bleaching agents in them.

In the long run I am sure you won’t like it, will you?

A product with an easy application

First of all, one should identify which method should be used by them to clean. Supposing, if your requirement is of a cleaner with a spray, then opt for that product which comes with a spray bottle making the work more convenient for you

Which boat Vinyl cleaner should I choose?

Or say, if you want a product with dilution or liquid then buy a one without a spray. It also depends on the surface also which you want to clean. So, choose the best after considering all the parameters.

Pleasing odor

Cleaning should be added with a fragrance, as it gives a fresher feel. Just think, if you clean a surface and nasty smell is still there, it will feel horrible.

The boat cleaners come with fragrance and scents. So, chose the fragrance which you like the most. I like the lime scent personally.


I always think that thicker cleaners act better. As, a cleaner with high concentration, will be required in a very small quantity for the best results.

Thicker cleaners are more reliable, they act faster on tough stains with very less and easy application. The dirt and stains can be removed in minutes with the help of these cleaners with high concentration.

Marine Vinyl Cleaner


Cleaning should be added with a fragrance, as it gives a fresher feel. Just think, if you clean a surface and nasty smell is still there, it will feel horrible.

The boat cleaners come with fragrance and scents. So, chose the fragrance which you like the most. I like the lime scent personally.

Size of the bottle

It’s a very small thing, but the boat cleaner should be of sufficient quantity which can meet your daily cleaning requirements.

Most of the cleaners come in small-sized bottles of 16 oz. I suggest you invest in a bottle which is 128 oz.

A spray bottle can also be kept and refilling them is also a good idea. After all, boat cleaners are not the cheapest. For long-lasting benefits, buy a good-sized bottle of boat cleaner.

Best Way to Clean Boat Seats

Keep your boat sanitized and the boat seats neat and tidy by keeping a few things in mind:

  • You can use a brush or vacuum cleaner for removing dirt or debris.

  • Opt for a boat cleaner of premium quality (the above points in this article can be referred).

  • Firstly, cleaning should be done with a piece of damp cloth, and easy strokes.

  • A dry cloth can also be used to remove wet residue

  • A soft brush should be used to clean the seat surface, as a hard brush can put scratches.

Some more points can be taken into consideration :

  • Before choosing a cleaner, just go through the product details. Avoid using bleach-based compounds which may include harmful chemicals like acetic acid, sodium hypochlorite or citric acid.

  • Regular cleaning should be done on boat seats. Buying a boat comes with high maintenance, never compromise on that.

  • Only when your boat is dry, then store. As dampness and moisture can invite the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Excess of sun rays proves harmful, as it spoils the seat covers. fading of seat covers and damage to the stitches of boat seat cover can also happen. Hence, upholstery should not be left in direct sunlight for a longer duration.

The concluding lines : 

Since childhood cleanliness is something which was always taught by my parents at home and teachers in school. Keeping your room, house or boat clean is certainly a great habit which one imbibes.

Since we are talking about boats here, so a dirty boat completely spoils the appearance of a boat. A sparkling, shining boat is a charm for the boat owner as well as the user.

After reading my above article with different boat cleaners, cleaning tips, and a buying guide, please choose the best. With the right type of cleaner, your boat will remain in good condition. Keep your boat clean and stay healthy!

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