Best Personal Inflatable One Man Pontoon Boats For The Money

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If you are a waterway explorer, an outdoor enthusiast, or an avid angler, then owning a personal pontoon boat is essential.

The wide variety, designs, colors, features, rod holders, storage space, and more make this water equipment unique and worthy. Specially designed for fishermen, these boats are durable, portable, and incredibly versatile.

Some are made to accommodate an outboard motor while the others possess oars.

What all to look for when you are opting for a personal pontoon boat may require a bit of in-depth study and comprehensive research. You need not do so, as we have done this for you to save your valuable time and efforts.

We have for you our premium pick, budget-friendly, and the most preferred pick in this article. The buying guide is a must-read, and the detailing we have done is accurate and authentic, which you can get here only. The choppier conditions, the quality, and the seating capacity, everything is done for you to go through and own the best and be a proud owner of your personal pontoon!

5 Top Rated Personal Pontoon Boats Reviewed

one man pontoon boat

A premium choice pontoon boat for two people which is priced correctly according to quality. The Outcast is supposed to be the toughest and the most durable in the market as compared to the other products.

If you are in some dangerous circumstances and with some strong currents, then this boat is the best option. A sturdy aluminum frame is used to make the boat, which is supported by PVC pontoons of heavy-duty. The Fish Cat 13 can carry a maximum weight-capacity of 750 lbs., and boats of adequate storage.

Do you know? The frame of the boat can be disassembled to transform into a spacious vessel, which is suitable for one person.

The ones who need more space on water can use this pontoon boat which measures 13′ in length and over 5′ in width (overall). A boat that is huge in size and is an ideal one for the ones who want to tackle the more rough and adventurous waters. This features a motor mount, a swivel chair, optional oar types etc.



  • A pontoon boat which is affordably-priced and good for two persons.

  • Features an aluminum frame and PVC pontoons.

  • The length and width are 13′ x 65″.

  • The weight and the load capacity are 170 lbs.

  • You can remove the front frame module for turning it into a great expedition raft for one person

  • This is an adaptable two-seater water raft

  • A boat with a manufacturer warranty of five years


  • No cons as such.

2 person pontoon boat with motor

Another great option to look for seriously as has much new advantages attached to it. The assembled size of Colorado is 108 inches (L) x 56 inches (W) x 28 inches (H), to top of the seat.

This inflatable pontoon boat is compact in size (boat and oars disassemble) and extremely easy to transport and store. Certainly, a heavy-duty pontoon boat, constructed with bottom which is abrasion resistant with tough nylon tops, and powder coated steel tube frame.

The boat has an abundance of features that make it special and unique. the pontoon also has cold and heat-resistant bladders and a two-position motor mount.

The wire rear storage and battery platform bring a lot of ease, while the rod holder can be mounted in six different positions. These have pockets (20) for storage, drink holders, a stable transport wheel, brass oarlocks, a two-position integrated anchor system. Undoubtedly, a practical, long-lasting, versatile, inflatable boat with a limited warranty of 2 years.



  • The swivel padded seat folds down and the boat has three oar-lock positions.

  • The boats and oars disassemble into an extremely compact size.

  • A heavy-duty pontoon which is abrasion resistant.

  • Features cold and heat resistant bladders.

  • Equipped with a two-position anchor system with a fillable mesh bag, pulley and cord.

  • The rod holder can be mounted in different positions (six).

  • This is built according to the American boat and Yacht standards.


  • Customer service issues

  • Overall, no cons as such

2 man pontoon boat

The Classic Accessories Colorado is a wonderful brand when it comes to outdoor vehicles and recreation equipment. This is made to deal with the tough and adverse conditions and the brand is famous for its outdoor furniture covers too.

This one is specially designed for solo fishing trips and the boat boasts of sufficient storage. 

With plethora of features such as the adaptable rod holder mounts, a sophisticated anchor system, comfy foot rests, a foldable padded seat, detachable patches and more this is the one we love the most.

One more thing we appreciate about this is the motor mount with two positions, and built from 9 ft. pontoons. A single-seater watercraft which has a capacity of 400 lbs. and ample of space for some casual trips.

This features a frame which is constructed from steel tubing which is powder-coated. Like the others, this is also made from heavy-duty abrasion-resistant PVC and Nylon material. Bronze material is used to make the oar locks and the 7′ oars are made out of aluminum. If you are looking for some sturdy, and reliable one then this is a great option for enthusiast fishermen.



  • The dimensions of the boat are L- 108″, W- 56″, and H- 26″

  • The overall weight of the boat is 71.5 lbs.

  • This features 20 pockets and two insulated drink holders.

  • Features a weather-proof motor mount.

  • Comes with a padded fold down plastic seat.


  • Difficult to oar with this in the tight spots.

  • Does not track the crap.

Best One Man Pontoon Boat

A compact, small, lightweight model of 8 ft. is the Colorado Accessories Roanoke. This pontoon boat is constructed with durable materials and is decently designed.

A boat that will suit your budget and you will get the best for the price you pay. This is built with a steel frame which is powder-coated and supported by two PVC and nylon pontoons. They are weather-resistant and can bear the extreme cold and hot climates.

This isn’t a foldable one, but has worth appreciable armrest storage, a rear storage platform, adjustable non-slip foot rests, mesh apron, zippered pockets, and a two-piece aluminum oar of 6′.

This has a weight capacity of 350 lb capacity, which measures 96″ (L), 55″ (W), 29″ (H) and a total weight of 43 lbs. if you are riding this, then you will be happy to know that it rides high in the water for added visibility and makes it more comfortable. With an incredibly low price, you can own this boat.



  • This boat is light-in-weight and can be maneuverer easily

  • Zippered armrest pockets, rear storage platform, mesh under seat apron.

  • The boat rides high and makes visibility more clear.

  • The footrests adjust to a wide range of leg lengths.

  • Features a durable molded plastic fold down seat.


  • Quality issues regarding few components.

river pontoon boats

The Orvis is designed specifically for the convenience for standing fishermen or the ones who are into fly fishing. Some of the fishermen like to cast by standing and angling along with excellent stability for more natural fishing experience.

Strong and durable PVC material is used to for manufacturing Fish Cat 10-IR and the weight is 68 lbs. with a maximum load capacity of 450 lbs. 

A steel frame of 12-piece is used to construct the standing area that has a small chair with a lean bar for casting while standing.

The Orvis is equipped with a motor-mount, 2-piece oars of 7′, and an anchor system. After the complete assembling it is 10′ in length and 56″ in width and makes it the most spacious. A pontoon boat with a 10-year warranty and a removable sliding platform.



  • This is a solid sewn seam construction.

  • Features a unique lean bar on the casting deck.

  • A great pontoon boat for fly fishers.

  • The boat is quite spacious and durable too

  • Comes with a 10-year warranty and a sliding platform which is removable

  • This is compact, portable, and provides adequate storage for your gear


  • A product which is a little less preferred than the Classic Accessories.

Buying considerations for personal pontoon boats

It is really exciting and a proud feeling to own a personal pontoon boat. But we have seen many people who buy the boat without knowledge about the proper handling and usage of it. They lack the requisite seamanship skills and the purpose of investing in such an expensive boat becomes of no use.

We don’t wat this to happen to those of you who are reading this as this is soul-destroying. Some of the most crucial things which you should ponder before you buy the best boat for yourself. Let us understand it straight:

Size and Capacity

If you think you have a good budget for your pontoon boat, that is no way means that you will be spending for a boat which is large in size. To be clear there will be many more aspects to be thought of beforehand that will cost you:

  1. The fuel expenditure
  2. The insurance expenses
  3. Amount to be spent on dock and storage
  4. The cost of accessories
  5. Trailer size will depend on the size of your vehicle and its towing requirement

inflatable pontoon boat

We recommend to start of with a modest pontoon boat, know how to handle it and then spend accordingly. For beginners, a manageable and smaller option works best for learning the seaman skills and then investing in something expensive in future.

Buying a new or an old boat

If you are the first-time pontooner are not confident about handling a new boat then getting a second hand will cut down your expenses and you can practise handling it. But, be ready for the additional maintenance costs which may have to be incurred while you use an older version of boat.

fly fishing pontoon boats

Furthermore, there are many advantages to buy a new boat, as the manufacturer warranty, and can apply for a boat finance. The support from the dealer will be impressive for making you comfortable with the boat operation. You have more options as far as the colors, accessories, and trims are concerned. You are lucky and can get a trailer, cover, and safety equipment too with the purchase. Buying a model which is modestly priced is the best thing to do.

The kayaks which are wide and stable provide the anglers with enough flexibility to stand and sight-cast to fish even in the shallows.

The price factor

You are a buyer and the detailed prices should be understood by you by comparisons and good research. You can get quotes, go for negotiations without any hesitation. You yourself will find a massive difference in price if you are patient enough to have a comparison checking. The manufacturers price up accordingly and you should be benefitted in any case.

Even the re-sale value and the region you stay also matters, as this will benefit you in future. The resale will bring you monetary benefit while the region you stay and the well-known boat won’t require much transport costs when you buy.

Knowing the Boat Quality

Most of the pontoon boats exhibit superior quality and standards if they are American brands. With very subtle differences the boats may vary in quality. But you can always check and compare the features of different boats.

NMMA Certification

inflatable pontoon fishing boats

Going for a boat with an NMMA certification (National Marine Manufacturer’s Association) is the best thing to do. They are built under the national quality guidelines and standards.

The kayaks which are wide and stable provide the anglers with enough flexibility to stand and sight-cast to fish even in the shallows.

Test Driving

Like buying a car needs a test drive; similarly, you can go for it for the pontoon you are planning to buy. Being on the water is completely a different experience altogether.

inflatable pontoon fishing

Walk Around Checks

Taking a quick walk around the tube or logs of the boat is the best way to test the boat. You can always ask the manufacturer for the details, and the quality used to make the logs as marine-grade aluminum is the best option as you will be dealing with the saltwater environment.

Additional things

You should look out of other things, too, such as the entertainment options, furniture, interiors, color, decals, carpet options, rod holders, wakeboard towers, and more.

The concluding lines :

After buying for the first time and using it for many family excursions, we realized that there a few more things which we can add to our precious boat.

This type of customization can be done over time and with the expenditure when you have it. So, go for a renowned brand and a good pontoon boat to add more excitement to your excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the preferred size battery for my pontoon?

Ans1. Firstly, check the battery box size of the boat and see the dimensions which will easily fit in. A 12-Volt trolling motor battery is sufficient and provide enough power to a boat which is made for a single person use and this will be inexpensive too.

Q2. Where should we place the registration sticker on the pontoon boat?

Ans2. The best way is to place it on both sides of the boat on the front side. They should be positioned at least 3 inches above in order to keep it visible. The color, boldness, and contrast of the background should keep in perfect synchronisation. Keep in mind that nothing should obstruct the stickers.