The Best Paint For Aluminum Boats – Reviewed & Tested

Last Updated: January 6th, 2022 | By: Gina

best paint for aluminum boats

Aluminum boat owners should be aware and cautious to keep your boat safe and protected, but how? Of course, with a premium quality aluminum boat paint. It becomes extremely important to invest in good boat paint for enhancing the longevity of your boat.

If your aluminum boat is not taken well care of then, it might cost you a lot of repairs and replacement in the near future.

I have always mentioned in my articles that buying a product comes with additional responsibility, so goes for boats, the right boat paint adds value to your boat along with keeping it well maintained.

3 Best Aluminum Boat Paints - A Quick Look Up!


aluminum boat paint rustoleum

  • Non-Hazardous

  • Rust-free

  • Ideal For all Boat Decks


jon boat paint

  • Easy-TO-Apply

  • Long Lasting

  • Low Sheen Finish


aluminum boat bottom paint

  • Thick & Glossy

  • Chromate-free

  • Premium-quality

Detailed Reviews

aluminum marine paint

You can just work wonders by using this total boat aluminum boat paint for your boat. This aluminum boat paint is a durable marine paint that is specifically made to suit your boats. This can also be used for aluminum and galvanized metal boats, above and below the water line can be painted with it.

This paint can give a whole new look to your boat making it look attractive, rust-resistant and provides a low sheen finish. Bass boats, pontoon boats, Jon boats, duck boats or parts of the boat such as railings and spars can also be painted with this. 

The best quality of this paint is that it doesn’t peel, chip or fade, and comes in camo colors that can provide a camouflage pattern. This aluminum boat can be directly applied on the boat by brush and it isn’t necessary to apply primer. This one is available in different colors like an army, green, earth brown, khaki black, light gray and white.

This is a chromate-free formula that features excellent adhesion power, has a low odor and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This can cover an area of 80-100 ft. and keeps your boat corrosion-free. This is again a product from the US that gives great satisfaction after using on your dream boat.


  • A boat paint that is 100% certified and can be easily used to paint galvanized metal and aluminum boats.

  • This one can be applied directly and doesn’t require any primer before applying coat on the boat.

  • The best quality is it doesn’t fade, chip or peel.

  • This one comes in different colors and a chromate-free formula.

  • Doesn’t smell odd, and covers an area of 80-100 ft.


  • Sometimes paint comes out

  • The actual color doesn’t match the color on the can.

aluminum boat paint

The Tuff coat UT-100 non skid paint for aluminum boats is a rubberized non-skid paint that is water-based and non-hazardous. This boat painting exhibits extreme durability and gives your boat a great finish, preventing corrosion and rust.

If you looking for quality paint for your boat and want to avoid high repair or replacement costs then this one proves to be the best of all. This one is again a product that is manufactured in the US. This provides great protection from the harmful UV rays, but before applying in on your boat just don’t forget to shake the can.

Everyone wants a great finish when going for paint, so before painting your precious vessel choose the appropriate primer to give the boat an excellent finish. One more thing is that it isn’t prone to any sort of skidding, and is rubberized.

This product will never let you feel dismayed in the end, so you can end your search and go for this amazing boat paint. Now you can relax and keep your vessel well maintained and rust-free for long. It requires a bit more time to be applied.


  • This one is certified as is long-lasting and durable.

  • This one is a water-based solution and extremely safe to use.

  • It proves true to its value

  • This boat paint is single component-based.

  • It can give a lot of protection to your wood.

  • This product is manufactured in the US.


  • A time-consuming application

  • Does not prove as advertised.

paint for aluminum boat

The total boat Alumni paint is the one that is the first choice of DIY boat owners and professionals. An amazing and anti-fouling paint that can be used for aluminum hulls and pontoons. This provides excellent performance on outdrives and running gear.

This is an ablative paint that wears away gradually, exposes fresh biocide for providing the highest protection. They are available in shades of black and navy blue. This can cover an area of 400 sq. ft. per gallon approximately.

Econea (a different sort of antifouling agent) and is best effective in low concentration. This is also a copper-free biocide help in protecting against marine fouling like zebra mussels and barnacles. The Total Boat Alumni paint is best suited for marine environments as this is biodegradable and works well for salt and brackish waters.

This one releases fresh layers of biocide, though in a controlled manner, providing protection for a full season. It is very important to do proper preparation for peak performance and corrosion prevention. As this one contains copper so is absolutely safe for aluminum surfaces and underwater metals. This also proves the safest for sensitive marine eco-systems and has a potent pairing of Zinc and Econea.


  • This one is a copper-free, anti-fouling marine paint for aluminum surfaces.

  • Can be easily used on pontoon boats and aluminum hulls.

  • Performs excellently on outdrives and running gear.

  • This one also features Econea and Zinc biocide.

  • This provides maximum protection and rust resistance.

  • A durable and safe boat paint.


  • Can’t withstand harsh conditions sometimes.

marine grade paint for aluminum

The Sea Hawk is a great paint that can turn your old vessel into a new one and is very durable when put to use. This one gets dry quickly, is thick and glossy, and the coating keeps the vessel corrosion resistant. This one is chromate-free and can be easily applied above or below the waterline.

Though this one doesn’t possess any antifouling properties. This is a unique paint of premium-quality characteristics and can be applied directly on the boat metal surface as a primer even without a topcoat. This one is best suited for pontoon boats, Jon boats, houseboats, and any other aluminum surface.

This one has a great quality of inhibiting rust and works well for lacquer and enamel-based topcoats. This gives excellent adhesion on any aluminum base, can also be used on fiberglass, raw aluminum, and other substances. This one is a safe option for fresh or saltwater submersions. Great water and oil hydrocarbon resistant quality, that makes this product stand apart. This one boasts of its unmatchable bonding quality.


  • This one is unique and dual-purpose phenolic resin.

  • This one dries very rapidly and is thick and glossy.

  • The sea hawk has a water and oil hydrocarbon resistant quality.

  • Also helps in keeping the boat corrosion resistant.

  • Works efficiently on pontoon boats, houseboats, Jon boats and aluminum surfaces of all kinds.

  • It looks classy and sticks firmly.


  • Can be harmful to health.

paint aluminium boat

The Durabak is a polyurethane coating, is protective and be used on various applications, inclusive of all applications that can be used in direct sunlight mainly for outdoor use.

This textured version and is tough with recycled rubber tire granules, very flexible when putting to use, waterproof and slip-resistant. This is a wonderful product with a non-slip coating and a DIY (do it yourself) with a professional-grade finish. This one won’t peel, flake or chip.The Durabak18 can easily be applied on any surface e with a brush, stipple roller and spray.

This amazing non-slip coating bonds with any concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal or coated surfaces. This one can bond with itself also, for making it repairable.

This deck paint is moisture cured and can be stirred and applied on the prepared surface for best results. This one has a great range of 16 different colors and gives a smooth and textured finish. This is also approved for US Navy aircraft carriers and is the choice of thousands of professionals worldwide.


  • An amazing paint that is fit to be used on any surfaces.

  • This one doesn’t peel, flake or chip with time.

  • This one is slip-resistant and a flexible one when put to use.

  • The paint is moisture cured and gives a smooth, textured and professional finish to the surface when applied.

  • A product that is a choice of thousands of professionals’ world over.


  • This one doesn’t include rollers.

Things To Remember Before Buying Paint For Your Aluminium Boat

When you are ready to buy paint for your boat, then a few things should be considered before making the decision. Whether you are going to paint, repaint, restore or refurbish your personal vessel a huge amount of effort and skill is required for the same. Some follow the DIY way while others may hire professionals to perform the painting task. If the standard instructions are followed properly then this can be done by yourself with ease.

Without a doubt, these boat paints transform your vessel into a new one. Which paint should be chosen? again is a matter of concern and choice. A few very potent factors should be considered before doing your purchase. In this article of mine, today I have tried to provide you with some tips before selecting the best paint for your boat.

  • Price of the paint- Yes, of course, your budget also plays a key role in this aspect. So, just look into it and go for selecting the best that suits your needs and pocket.

  • Easy application – The product is a DIY and comes with an easy application, then that is certainly a good one to go for.

aluminium boat painting

  • The drying time– The paints that dry quickly are always preferred by home boat owners or professionals.

  • The final touch– Whenever we paint, we are always keen to go for a product that gives an amazing final look and gives an awesome new, smooth and even finishes to your precious boat.

  • The compatibility of the product- We have to make it sure that the paint we choose suits the surface for which it is used. It should suit the aluminum and metal vessels.

  • Color availability- The color preferences and choices also matter a lot. The more color choices, the more flexibility we have to choose it.

  • The tools- Since we have to perform a task, additional tools are also required to accomplish the task. Just try to choose a package that provides you with all things, and saves your money too.

  • The usage- It has also to be found out that where the paint can be used as these are the vessels that float on water. The best paint should have the quality of being used under and above the waterline of your vessel.

  • Henceforth, always go for a product that suits your needs and works best on an aluminum boat. If the boat paint suits an aluminum surface, then it will give longevity to your vessel than the other metal surfaces. Personally, also I suggest you go for a paint that is designed for aluminum boats and easily paint boat objects too.

The concluding lines : 

So much written and read by now in the article, makes many angles clear for buying the best paint for your aluminum boat. The timelier care you take of your vessel the more life it will have and help in saving a whole lot of money of repairs or replacement.

The boat and boat objects both have to be cared for well, as it is your prized possession. By this article of mine today I feel you must be enlightened about what to choose?

Take good care of your boat, painting it and giving it safety, protection, and a transformed look.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Which aluminum boat paints are the most trusted ones?

Your research or search narrows down if you go for a quality product that is best suited for your needs. The premium quality brands are always preferred and give superb performance. Durabuk18, Seahawk, Totalboat, Kiwi Grip are some of the good ones, that are worth a try. Go for a long-lasting and durable boat paint.

Q2. What is the warranty of an aluminum boat paint?

Different brands, different products are backed by different warranties. All these details are available on the product information list, and it is wise to go through the company promises, warranties and any sort of guarantee offers. In case of any trouble the manufacturer can be contacted, so be aware and alert while buying.

Q3. How can we take care of our aluminum boat?

Be it a small or a large boat, adequate care has to be taken always of the vessel for giving it a long life. Keeping your boat in good condition by using high-quality paint, maintaining it well and keeping it corrosion-free are some of the things that keep your boat well maintained.

Q4. Which is the most suitable place to paint the boat?

Whenever you paint your boat, ensure that the area doesn’t have any harsh elements, that might stick to the wet paint. The place should be an even surface, that helps in applying the paint with ease. Proper ventilation for drying the paint and light for keeping visibility clear to give a smooth finish to the boat is very essential.

Q5. From where can I buy the aluminum boat paint?

For grabbing the paint, you require, a nearby hardware store can be easily approached. But if I talk in general or even personally, the online option is the best, as it provides a whole lot of variety, options offer and is available 24/7. What does more one need? Choose wisely and cautiously is what I can add-on here.