2023‘s Fastest Trolling Motors – Top Picks With Comparison Chart

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Cruising with the fastest trolling motor is as much exciting as it can get, but it’s greatly impacted by your need to carry the load with you and the type of your boat.

Going simply by the power and performance, Newport Vessels NV-Series with 55 LB thrust is definitely your pick, I explain it in detail below. The Best Trolling Motor definitely depends upon your usage requirement, your frequency, and average time spent in the waters as well as the power requirement.

Electric trolling motors are quite popular but before deciding on one, a detailed account of top sellers, their features, and shortcomings are highly recommended and you’ll find this piece the most informative in absence of any other credible resource online so far.

This guide is intended to highlight the basic knowledge with best-selling, fastest, and most powerful electric trolling motor reviews on overall performance, durability, and deliverance.

Our Top Picks: 7 Fastest & Most Powerful Trolling Motor

“Lightweight, simple, and compact design are ideal for the anglers who remain mobile.”

“This is robust and suitable enough for freshwater and saltwater alike.”

“A high-performer with amazing power abilities that will leave you amazed.”

“The unique design offers quick maneuverability and versatility when on water.”

“This is specially created to be mounted on the bow for bass fishing.”

“This model is an excellent addition to any water-craft as offers brilliant torque + power.”

“Budget-friendly trolling motors incorporate all features that offer high-performance with 15% improvement.”

Top 7 Models Of Most Powerful Trolling Motor in The Market

Compact & Lightweight

1. Watersnake - ASP

best saltwater trolling motor

Those of the anglers who are on the move would certainly like the lightweight, and compact design of Watersnake ASP ($139 approx.) Of course this requires least of your efforts and pain when you need to transport your kayak from one water body to another.

Adequate convenience is what you get while you are with all your gear in tow. Hence, ideal for powering kayaks, canoes, small dinghies, and inflatable boats, especially if you have to carry your craft to the water. This is the strongest trolling motor with unmatchable features and a control system.

This stays versatile with its unique design and adjustable transom mount fitting feature. The high/low speed control, a forward and reverse switch, and extendable handle for easy steering forms a part of this trolling motor.


  • Gets through weeds effectively.

  • Simple clip mounting system.

  • Versatile, compact, light weight.

  • Adjustable transom mount fitting.

  • Great customer support.


  • Offers only 2 speed settings.

Suitable For Both Freshwater Or Saltwater

2. Newport Vessels Electric

cheap trolling motor

Every element which stays revealed outwardly on the Newport Vessels Electric (approx. $209) are manufactured with rust-resistant materials.

They comprise zinc and stainless-steel that can withstand saltwater environments while ensuring peak performance too.

This is easy to operate, quiet, cool and the 36lb NV Series allows you to fish whole day without overheating or scaring away fish. The composite & fully adjustable fiberglass shaft (30-inch) offers high-strength, for proper depth placement in all-water conditions.

The Newport Vessels include ergonomic extendable handle, 5 forward-speeds, and 3 reverse-speeds that promises total control at your fingertips for a smooth and controlled ride.


  • 8 Speeds and 6-Inch Telescoping Handle.

  • Long battery cables.

  • 2-year warranty.

  • 2-sizes to choose from.

  • Saltwater compatible hardware.

  • 5-Point LED Battery Meter.


  • One user found the gear selector screwed-up.

Most Powerful & High Performance

4. Minn Kota Endura C2

best trolling motor for pontoon boat

In search for a perfect combo of performance and power then without a doubt Minn Kota Endura C2 (around $240) is a convincing option. Makes efficient use of battery with minimal noise. This surely allows you more time and helps you to catch supper.

One of the most trusted Minn Kota models. This is the most powerful trolling motor and amazes you with legendary performance.

Like the other Minn Kota models this one also features a telescoping handle, lever-lock bracket, power prop., and an indestructible composite shaft.

The ergonomic handle enables easy turns, and you get 5 FWD/3 reverse speeds. The trolling motor shows resistance to UV rays.


  • Resistant to UV damage.

  • Handle is comfortable and sensitive that enables easy turns.

  • Telescoping handle.

  • Lever-lock bracket.

  • 5 FWD/3 Reverse Speeds.

  • Indestructible Composite Shaft.


  • Great motor with five stars.

Most Versatile

5. Watersnake Tracer

most powerful trolling motor

Fastest trolling motor for kayaks, canoes, inflatables, Jon boats, and more. The name Watersnake is apt as this provides great agility along with versatility for tackling varied marine environments. When you buy this you get 44-pouns of thrust and a reliably quiet motor when on water at just $170.

This is possibly the one with highest shaft along with five forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The weed less design has a two-blade propeller that allows your boat to move easily through the water and weeds.

The Tracer features a 30-inch telescopic chrome-plated steel shaft, 30lbs thrust, extendable tiller operating.


  • Provides varied speeds.

  • Weed less design.

  • Mounts on transom or bow.

  • Ideal for kayaks and canoes.

  • Created by anglers & to be used by anglers.

  • One-year warranty.


  • Good if prop plastic could a bit thicker plastic.

Best Bow Mount for Bass Fishing

6. AQUOS Black Haswing 12V

12v trolling motor

The Black Haswing is specifically designed to be mounted on the bow. Suitable for vessels of up to 2750 pounds the Black Cayman (around $659) is an ideal option for bass fishing.

This features a hand remote that is wireless and enables you to operate the motor from the stern. Whereas the foot control turns the bow to the left or right.

This runs quieter than ever, thanks to the brilliant engineering with which it is created. This quality doesn’t let fish sense your presence.

You get the desired speed, precise movements, improved control, and smoother adjustments with the variable speed and since being on the lower power consumption the trolling battery gets more life.

Cruise control keeps the boat at the desired speed and this bow mount trolling motor can be set-up on freshwater and saltwater alike. The ergonomic lifting handle promotes a comfy lift and the motor is corrosion-resistant.


  • Quick-release bracket.

  • Suitable for fresh water & salt water alike.

  • Easily adjustable for depth.

  • Aluminum alloy shaft.

  • Features motor fin for propeller protection.


  • Wireless remote isn’t effective all the time.

Perfect For Any Crafts

7. Minn Kota Endura Max

saltwater trolling motor reviews

The Minn Kota Endura (around $220) offers ample steering control with its long-lasting shaft for boats up to 17 ft. in length. Surprisingly this model offers amazing power and torque yet remains cool and quiet.

The Endura Max features a level lock bracket and the solid 10-position bracket owns a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that shows resistance to warping, flexing, and UV damage.

You get an easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolling motor with the six-inch telescoping tiller.

The power prop delivers an extra ton push through heavy vegetation. This features an indestructible composite and long shaft for life.


  • Lever lock bracket.

  • Telescoping tiller provides intuitive operation.

  • 5 Fwd./3 Rev Speed Settings.

  • Push-to-test electric meter.

  • 2-year warranty on the motor.

  • Impressive battery life.


  • The shaft is not sealed but can be done later.

Best Budget

8. U-BCOO 8 Speed

cheapest bow mount trolling motor

The value and build-quality of U-BCOO 8 Speed (around $141) will certainly be acknowledged by the anglers who are on a budget.

This motor assimilates fully enameled copper wire that keeps it durable along with die-cast aluminum. Any kind of guesswork out of energy-use is kept away by the LED power display.

This is widely used in leisure fishing, water entertainment, fishing boats, aquaculture, river cleaning, and other fields. This is the best saltwater motor as it withstands adverse marine conditions brilliantly.

The copper wire motor flaunts of low-heat generation, impressive magnetic permeability, low noise, and high-performance. The service life of the machine is extended by 15% due to improved performance.


  • Non-spill able and 100% safe.

  • Copper wire offers good magnetic permeability.

  • Four-inch telescopic tiller.

  • Five forward and three reverse gears.

  • Widely used in fishing boats, leisure fishing, water entertainment etc.

  • Possesses corrosion-resistant qualities.


  • The 5-speed doesn’t work that properly.

  • Battery life short at full throttle.

How To Choose A Right Strongest Trolling Motor?

Your whole boating experience depends upon the motor you’re using. If you have compromised with it and bought a cheap one, then it going to give you trouble. Even if you bought an expensive one, without comparing and detailed study, you’re going to regret it.

So, if you’re planning to buy the fastest trolling motor, you need to take extra care about the specifications, and overall performance factor. Let’s have a look at the factors you should consider while buying one.


The thrust is defined by the pound-force trolling motor produces. It is the most influencing factor that decides which range you’re going to buy.

The motor commonly have the same thrust, you just have to decide the right amount which should drive your boat.

Commonly, you have to keep in the mind the location of the usage, also, wind, weather, depth, and others that could affect the thrust of the motor.

trolling motor speed chart

Speed of the water plays an important role, if it is rough, has tides, and wavy, then you need a motor with good thrust. The thrust also depends on the boat length, more the length, more the thrust.


The trolling motors come in voltage factor of multiple of 12 volts, as it is easy to join batteries because mainly 12 volts batteries are available.

12-volt motor is a basic type of motor, and has low thrust, compared to 24 and 36 voltage batteries. Also, if you connect 24or 36-volt batteries to 12 volts, it will give you better thrust, and run time in the water.

voltage required of trolling motor

So if you’re planning to go for fishing or adventure, for a longer duration of time, you should go for higher battery voltage systems. Use only trolling motor batteries, which are specifically designed for deep cycle and long-lasting batteries, as cheap batteries can lower the performance of the motor. It is also a good practice to use genuine accessories like the trolling motor plugs, for better performance of the battery as well as the trolling motor.

Bow Or Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

If you have any doubt as to on which side you want to attach the motor, you may consider some points.

A bow mount trolling motor is the one that is mounted on the front. It is used for longboats. If your boat is going to be used for heavy purposes, you can go for bow type motors.

Bow Mount Trolling Motor

The bow type motors are very sensitive when it comes to steering. The motor has better control. It is recommended if you have enough room in the front, which of course in the case of longboats. Coming to the transom, it is used for small boats. It is great to deliver power and handling is easy in the case of small boats.

Foot Control Or Hand Control Trolling Motor

Foot control is easy, and you can use it from anywhere from the board, which gives you portability, whereas in-hand controller, you got to be near it.

While fishing, some find it really easy to control via foot. Well, this is totally your call, wherever controller you find comfortable. I hope this helps you in choosing a motor that fulfills are your needs.

Foot Or Hand Control Trolling Motor

Benefits Of Choosing Right Trolling Motor Brands

A good motor has oodles of benefits. The most important is to be right there for you, in every situation, no matter what the weather is, just like your spouse. Jokes apart! If you have chosen the right motor for your boat, trust me, it is going to be with your lifetime, with almost no problem at all. Trolling motor is an overall performer; let it be thrust, steering, power, speed, and durability. Let’s have a look at some common benefits.


A genuine motor is never going to compromise on performance. Whether you’re going to use it for an instant, or a whole day, it is going to work perfectly, delivering maximum power.

The performance depends upon the weight of the boat, persons on it, type of water, type of usage, and location. The best trolling motor is going to perform whether the water is wavy, rough, and against the flow.

If you have a motor that doesn’t trouble you, trust me, your experience is going to be damn good.

Performance Of Trolling Motor


A trolling motor which sensitive to even a small change in steering, and reacts as soon as possible is considered best. In some situations, the driver needs to suddenly change the steering, if it is the best among the motors, then it will take no time to turn, without any problem.

The steering would be smooth and easy-going. Steering can be of two types: foot and hand. If you have bought a foot controller, then your motor should be very receptive and should have all the steering and speed controls on the foot.

The foot space should be adequate to function properly. If hand steering is there, then you should check the durability and sensitivity. Usually, hand steering is very sensitive and responsive.

Motor Steering


Your motor is going to be underwater for a considerable amount of time, if it is not corrosion proof, especially in saltwater, then its shaft and the parts which are immersed under the water are going to damage, which could highly affect the performance and life.

 The body should be stainless steel, which is highly recommended in the case of saltwater. A Saltwater Trolling motor has it all, from carbon fiber shaft to stainless steel body, so you don’t have to worry.

As you see, durability is important, because it is what unites a motor. You just have to pick the right trolling motor.



A good trolling motor has various speeds, forward and backward. Usually, we need to go to the location, so we could give the full throttle. The speed of the trolling motor should be considerable enough. Also, it should have variations of speed. Usually, high performance trolling motors have 5 speed forward variations.

Sometimes, you have to take reverse in some turns and locations, the best motor should have variations in reverse also. Usually, 3-speed variations are there, which is more than enough. The 8-speed trolling motors are now everywhere, so you got to choose the one that has better variation and maximum speed.

Trolling motor is going to perform as it performed on the first day and a year after. So you don’t need to worry about anything if you have chosen the best.

High Trolling Motor Speed

Because when it comes to performing in tough conditions, only the best last. If you have given full attention to the factors I mentioned above, I am sure you’re going to dig gold.

Trolling Motor Speed Chart

Boat Weight in pounds Suggested Minimum Trolling

motor size in pounds of thrust

Voltage Max Boat Length
1,500 or Below 30 12 14′
2,000 40 – 45 12 17′ – 18′
2,500 50-55 12 20′ – 21′
3,000 – 3,500 70 24 23′
4,000 80 24 25′
4,500 – 5,000 101 – 112 36 25′

How Trolling Motor Works?

The Bottom Line:

I reviewed some trolling motors and gave honest opinions about them. You can choose your trolling motor by considering the tips I gave above. Choosing a trolling motor will directly affect the boating experience.

So you should be extra careful while going for a motor. Don’t buy a cheap motor, as you may regret it later. You should analyze every aspect of the motor, like performance, thrust, speed, steering, power, and durability.

After going through these tips, choose the motor that has it all, and is affordable. Minnkota is a reputable name in the segment, so I would recommend it if you could afford such quality. But other options are also equally good.

It all depends upon which type of motor you want. Since you know how a motor works now, I am sure you will look forward to buying a motor that is a performer in all the departments. I hope this information would help you a lot in your decision to buy the best trolling motor.


What is Trolling Motor Used for?

The word ‘Trolling’ means fishing. A Trolling Motor is a self-reliant system that comprises an electric motor, propeller and controls which are joined to an angler’s boat either at the bow or stern. It is an engine which is used in the fishing boats. Sometimes, the trolling motors are used in boats which are used in adventure sports. It will allow moving the fishing boat through the water quietly without terrifying the fishes. If a trolling motor is mounted on the front and the back of a boat, then it will provide better boat controls. It comes in two different types, one in which the trolling motor is mounted to the front which controls the boatman allowing a lot of fishes to be caught. The second one has the motor attached to the back of the boat called stern is generally used in smaller boats.

How much Trolling motor thrust do I need?

Thrust defines how powerful a motor is. It is measured in pounds. If the boat is larger and heavier, then a large amount of thrust will be needed for satisfactory results. The size and weight of the boat convert into your need for thrust. The basic rule of thumb which helps in determining the amount of thrust required is five pounds of thrust for every 200 pounds of weight. Here, the weight includes the weight of the boat’s content which is basically a fully loaded boat.

The boat length can also be used in determining the thrust if the approximate weight cannot be estimated.

What are the common reasons for trolling motor not working properly?

Sometimes, even with a right battery and abundant capacity, motor cannot supply enough power. Due to this problem, the trolling motor will be unable to apply required thrust.In some cases, the motor fails to run. This may be due to a problem with the fuse or circuit breaker.

If enough water does not pass through the engine, then overheating occurs.The motor can suddenly introduce excessive noise and vibrations. It can harm the on-board batteries.Sometimes, the engine suddenly cuts off. The collapsed primary bulb may be a possible cause.

Why is my Trolling motor loud?

The excessive vibrations and noise in the motor can be caused by a variety of factors. The common reason is a damaged or loose propeller. The initial step to troubleshoot this problem is to check whether the trolling motor propeller is attached properly. If it is loose, then tighten the components and if it is found damaged, then replace it. It may be due to wear out bearings and bushings. Worn out parts can exasperate engine shaking. This problem can be fixed by removing the cover plates of the engine. A bent armature might also be a reason for the extreme noise.

What are the performance ratings of trolling motor?

Electric trolling machines are commonly rated by their propulsion force. The electric trolling motors operate at 12, 24 and 36 volts with maximum currents up to 55, 55 and 60 Amperes respectively.Currents stronger than 60 Amperes are not used. The power source which is commonly used is a 12-volt marine deep cycle. For voltage higher than those batteries are connected in series.