Green Bean Battery Reviews – Is It Reputable Company? – 2023

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Green Bean Batteries are considered as a hybrid battery rebuilder. While other batteries come with a 1-3 years warranty, Green Bean Battery comes with a lifetime warranty which is probably the biggest reason to buy this battery.

For many Prius owners, this battery is a life savior. Do you know Green bean build its own equipment to recondition these batteries that allow them to scale so that they can grow bigger and be in more markets to be able to serve the customer better?

You can choose from a battery pack that encompasses only high capacity modules with similar characteristics such as capacity, resistance, etc. What makes it worthy enough to invest your hard-earned money in it? Have a look at some of its reviews.

Green Bean Battery Reviews

Real User Reviews

  • A user of Green Bean Battery stated that if anyone needs a hybrid battery replacement, he must not go anywhere other than Green Bean. Well, a promise of a fair price and a lifetime warranty is unbeatable. He had to have his battery replace twice, the entire credit goes to the battery’s lifetime warranty. Moreover, he was overwhelmed with professional customer service.

  • According to another user, after doing a lot of research, he decided on Green Bean for his Hybrid Battery Replacement needs. Within 5 minutes of requesting service online, a representative called him to confirm his requested installation time. Installer Steve (& assistant) were friendly, prompt & efficient. His 2007 Toyota Camry Battery was replaced and tested in less than 20 minutes. He was really impressed with the prompt customer service.

  • A user of Green Bean Battery stated that he is very happy with the service he had received from Green Bean Battery. When ordering and setting up the appointment with Luke to getting the battery installed by Brock Stricklen, he received multiple emails that kept him up to date on the appointment. Brock, the tech, was right on time and even called when he was an hour out from my place. Therefore, he highly recommends Green Bean when anyone needs a new hybrid battery.

Arguments In Favor

  • Relax if you have invested in Green Bean Battery! Its lifetime warranty characteristic includes battery replacement for a failed battery in accordance with their warranty process.

  • The company is known for repairing the batteries and even reselling them at a highly low price.

  • It is highly recommended owing to the fact that Green Bean leaves no stone unturned in going above and beyond for their customers when the replacement had issues.

  • By reusing the batteries, they are doing a great deal in safeguarding the environment.

  • The battery is undoubtedly a silver lining in the dark cloud for the Prius owners. It serves as the most cost-effective option to replace the owner’s defective hybrid battery.

  • There are no chances of corrosion as the halter which is used is made up of aluminium or stainless steel.

  • The batteries are exclusively available online. However, the best part is that they deal directly with the consumers thereby eliminating middlemen.

Arguments Against Green Bean Battery

  • The company doesn’t pay for diagnostics, towing, or any other fee incident to a battery failure. If you believe that you have a battery failure you must have the trouble codes read & provide cc copy.

  • Customers are unable to implement the exchange of battery with the second generation or third generation hybrid battery models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does A Green Bean Hybrid Battery Last?

Ans: A Green Bean hybrid battery is meant to last for approximately 8 to 10 years depending on where and how the car is driven during that time.

Q2. What Makes Green Bean Batteries Highly Reputed?

Ans: The fact that Green Bean Batteries come with a lifetime warranty with each battery installed makes it highly reputed and desirable among the buyers. They do have terms you need to read for the warranty but it states that it is transferrable.

Q3. For Which Type Of Car Owners, Green Bean Hybrid Batteries Are Specifically Meant For?

Ans: If you drive Toyota, Lexus or Nissan hybrid vehicle, you need to have Green Bean Hybrid batteries.


Unquestionably, Green Bean Batteries have made a reputed position in the market from being better to best. What makes it highly desirable, is the lifetime warranty it offers on their batteries. If you drive Toyota, Lexus or Nissan hybrid vehicle, you must not miss considering this Green Bean Battery.

It offers replacement hybrid batteries delivered and installed by their trained installers anywhere in their service area. Its exceptional and prompt customer service instils the people to buy these over and again.

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