Haswing Trolling Motor Reviews

Last Updated: January 6th, 2022 | By: Gina

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Last Updated: January 6th, 2022 | By: Gina

Here’s A List Of Top 3 Haswing Trolling Motor

If fishing is your passionate hobby, then Haswing Trolling Motor is definitely for you. It lets you enjoy fishing without denting a hole in the pocket. Suitable for boats up to 1250kg, the motor is designed in such a manner that it can be used both in fresh as well as seawater.

Made up of cast aluminium, it can be relied upon in terms of durability. Such a tough body gives you the full worth of your money. In addition to this, wireless hand control, noiseless operation, lower power consumption, quick release bracket, cruise control, etc. are some of its high-end specifications which makes the product really worth buying.

If you are thinking of buying the aforementioned product, let’s have a closer look at its specifications.

Haswing Trolling Motor

Comparative View : Why Should I Choose Haswing Trolling Motor Over Other Brands?

A Haswing trolling motor is an electronic boat fishing tool that is designed for use on a boat or any other watercraft. It is simple, small, and easy to operate, just like Minn Kota or any other trolling motor but there are still so many differences between them.

Different from the Kota which relies on manual operation, the haswing tool uses electricity from the wall plug socket by adding more batteries to it. By removing batteries from your haswing trolling motor will disable its power supply.

The interesting part about the haswing tool is that it has a long cable that you will plug into your boat ignition and then set the speed of the haswing trolling motor. The speed available is between 1-9, the higher the number means faster the unit will be spinning. Whereas, all such operations are absent in other brands as most of them operate on manual functioning.

Top Features of Haswing Trolling Motor

Noiseless Operation

The virtual noiseless operation is a top feature which will surely make you drool over Haswing Trolling Motor.

The fishing enthusiasts are well acquainted with the fact that how much stealth is required while carrying out fishing.

If a noisy motor makes heavy vibrations and disturbs the serenity of the calm water, fishing can become a daunting task thus making the fisherman go barehanded.

However, by investing in Haswing Trolling Motor with a decibel level of 55, you can enjoy fishing without any interruption and return home content with your catches.

Meant For Both Freshwater And Seawater

Unlike other motors, the Haswing Trolling Motor is designed to be used in both freshwater as well as seawater. It has a high capability to withstand rusting, corrosion, and other harsh effects of the seawater. Thus, its efficient working can’t be questioned, although its regular cleaning is quintessential after the use in seawater.

Convenient Cruising

A simple remote control technique allows the boatman to efficiently handle the speed and direct the boat in the desired manner. This even paves the possibility of effective sailing and trolling even in harsh weather conditions. Thus, the boat is always kept under control.

haswing trolling motor

Tough Build

Made using cast aluminum, it promises a tough build of Haswing Trolling Motor therefore ensuring its longevity. The electronic parts and other important components on this Trolling Motor are enclosed in special housing to keep dirt, gravel, dust, and water at bay. For such economic pricing, this strong trolling motor is something not worth being missed.

Size And Power

Indeed, the Haswing Trolling Motor is not a big and powerful kind of motor.

While talking about its size, we could say that it is a 48-inch motor which is not that big enough when compared with other models.

When it comes to power, it is a 12-volt motor capable of providing a thrust of 55 pounds.

However, the motor is strong enough to resist moderate currents and winds.

Easy And Simplified Mounting

Equipped with essential mounting hardware, the Haswing Trolling Motor is quite easy to mount. Being not so heavy, mounting and deploying can be carried on its own.

Battery Life

The Haswing Trolling Motor features a battery that has short battery life. This is probably one of the biggest cons of this motor. As it has remote control cruising, therefore it needs a battery that gets you at least a full day out on the water with it before the battery dies.


The Haswing Trolling Motor is quite easy to be lifted from the boat as well as the trailer with the aid of convenient handles. Even the deploy pedal makes it a breeze to use it when alternating between use in the water and lifting on to the boat.

3 Recommended Models Of Haswing Trolling Motor


Cayman Black & White 12V / 24V: For Both Foot And Hand Control

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The wireless remote-control fit is designed and engineered to run quieter than ever before. Simple and quick to remove or add, the disconnect mounting plate is made up of high-quality material.

Extremely powerful, reliable and stable, it can chop the moss off with ease. It is a motor guide foot pedal. Coming with the GPS tracking, it is easy to use even with the remote or via the pedal.

Simple DIY 5-minute installation and easy detachment process, the product runs smooth in the water. Click here, to check how to install the product.

Worth every penny, the trolling motor comes with a battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single full-time charge.


  • Simple and quick installation.
  • Power and durable product.
  • Comes with GPS tracking.
  • Long lasting Battery.


  • Does not come with any manual to guide on how to use.
  • Foot paddle is different from other models.


Aquos Haswing Cayman Trolling Motor: Best Foot Control Operation

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This unit offers an easy 10 min DIY installation of the product and holds an immense power to move even the heaviest boats around. The product offers a combination of both remote and foot pedal but most of the time, people recommend using it with a foot pedal as it is more convenient.

The extremely bright display lets you see during a hot sunny day too. Display shows the motor speed and the battery meter display. Have a look at the comparison of the product with Aquos other models, click here. The trolling motor costs less than half the price of the big brand names but delivers very good quality.

It is super quiet, you will not be able to hear it at all.In addition to all, you will not face any issues when moving in the water at the speed of 6-10 mph depending on currents, wind, and chop.


  • Reliable and worthy product.
  • 100% value of money offered.
  • Simple and quick installation process.
  • Comes with both foot pedal and remote.
  • Extremely bright and intuitive display.


  • The remote is little less responsive, according to some users.


Cayman GPS 2021 Navigation System Anchor Mode On Remote: Best Hand Control Operations

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Forget about carrying the maps and find the location by looking at the direction now. Cayman GPS 2021 model offers simple synchronization of the gps with my Android phone, this product has exceeded the customer’s expectations.

It comes with ease to install that works great with remote. Spot lock system of the trolling motor can only be cracked via using the Mobile app. Great motor offering the value of money. It is extremely lightweight and the anchor feature is awesome.

It offers an abundance of power and battery life on a single battery. If you bass fish then I recommend choosing the AQUOS Black Haswing Cayman Foot Controller. Using the remote turns it into a hand control trolling motor which isn’t very comfortable for such activities.


  • Comes with fast and effective GPS tracking Mode.
  • Extremely simple and easy to use.
  • Offers great value of money.
  • Lightweight and durable product.


  • Irritating beep sound after every time you press a button.
  • Anchor features only works via phone.

HASWING Trolling Motor Problems And Their Solutions

How To Repair A Haswing Trolling Motor Remote?

One of the most common problems faced by the users of Haswing trolling motor is with its remote. Let us know more to solve it:

If you own a Haswing Cayman 55 lb or 80 lb trolling motor then the remote can be recharged by a USB cable. The remote, an old style one features a CR2032 3 volt battery. Since this battery does not have a long life, hence it is recommended that you keep a spare one when you use your remote.

Along with a spare battery you should also keep a Philips head screw driver (small size), which will help you in opening the back of the remote with ease for replacing the battery.

You should be careful while changing the battery of your remote. The prongs are designed separately for positive and negative side. Examine them carefully otherwise the remote won’t work properly.

How To Repair A Haswing Trolling Motor Remote

If The Power Of Haswing Trolling Motor Is On And Motor Is Still Not Running.

If you have tried, the power is also on, 3 lights, and the machine is reset too and still the motor is not running then there are chances that it is heated-up.

You need to check your wire size also. For example for a 24 V, a 6 gauge wire is recommended and this will stay quite heavy. You also need to check the battery wiring too. If you have a 24 or a 26 V system then there are chances that mixing up may take place.

One more important thing here is that, you need to check the fuse size too for ensuring the perfect condition.

Haswing Trolling Motor not running

How Can I Know That My Trolling Motor Is Repairable?

This is quite easy as when the propeller is turned on manually and in turn there are no gnashing or crunching sounds then there are maximum chances that your motor ir repairable.

If you are not aware of mending the errors by yourself then taking advice of an expert professional is a must.

A Motor That’s Completely Out Of Order- What To Do?

If your Haswing trolling motor is absolutely out of order then it’s the time to go for a replacement. You can simply replace the original motor switch or the control board using a good brand.

You need to check the optimal mounting position, meaning the motor head’s inner dimensions. The manufacturer instructions should be thoroughly referred before you go for a replacement.

Note: If you are still encountering issues… A Thrust Guide is also provided by the brand itself for your convenience. You can always refer to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Haswing Trolling Motors Any Good?

Ans: This engine, which can be utilized in both fresh and saltwater, has many speeds, low power usage, a quick delivery bracket, and cruise control. After analyzing 18 expert opinions, Haswing Black Cayman Bow Electrical Trolling Motors emerged in fourth place among the top five products in the category.

Q2. Is Spot Lock Available On Haswing Trolling Motors?

Ans: The trolling motor is simple to set up and works well with the remote. Spot lock is only possible with the Helmsman app on your smartphone. The build quality of the trolling motor is excellent. It has excellent battery life.

Q3. What Is The Procedure For Resetting A Haswing Trolling Motor?

Ans: On this gearbox, you’ll find the reset key. A propeller key is visible on the remote control in this image. So, for the love of God, press and hold a tree because you understand this is a powerful reader.

Q4. With Haswing, How Do You Mount A Trolling Motor?

Ans: We’re going to have four stainless screws at the back. Get to the bottom of the mounting plate by breaking through your section wall.

Q5. Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Haswing Trolling Motor?

Ans: 2021 Review of the AQUOS Haswing Cayman Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor. As it arrives at electric trolling motors, the performance and fundamental functions are the most important considerations. This AQUOS motor is already superior to traditional motors in terms of performance and grade.


This affordable trolling motor with a variable speed control system should be on your checklist when thinking of buying a trolling motor. Intended for people passionate about fishing, it undoubtedly lets you cherish fishing without any hassle to control the boat and cut the noise.

Though this motor has some cons attached to it, this handheld wireless motor control compatible with both freshwater and saltwater activities is certainly a good buy with the full worth of money.