How To Wax A Boat?

Owning a boat comes with an absolute responsibility of maintaining it well. By keeping your boat clean and waxed, the fiberglass of your boat will keep alive its shine and high gloss for a long time. With time and due to other factors, the boat surfaces may fade, lose their luster, and become dull.

It becomes all the more essential to learn how you should buff your boat. We have tried to make it easier to understand the fundamental and straightforward way to polish your vessel.

We are sure that each one of you wants to keep your favorite boat ready for rides, adventures, fun, and quiet moments while sailing on the water. Just don’t panic or feel any pain as the waxing chore is effortless and straightforward, and we have tried to portray it in the best possible way.

Let us make the process of waxing a boat enjoyable and not burdensome like the other tasks.

How to wax a boat

Waxing your Boat – An Extremely Important Affair

You all are well versed with the fact, that harsh and adverse environmental conditions which your boat goes through while in use. The surface of your boat or vessel has to face the sun and water, most of the time.

We are trying to share some personal experiences that we have come across. Some boat owners who haven’t gone through the process of boat waxing, resultingly, the gel coat of their boat oxidized over time. The dry sunbeams and the corrosive saltwater may make your boat appear dull and sad after some time.

This kind of deterioration doesn’t take place in a day or so, but a gradual process which is invisible. The results of this are perceptible and painful to witness and treat after their occurrence. The electrons interlink with the oxygen around the boat as they move. The concept can be understood more clearly and compared to that of the fruits getting brown when cut, or rusting of metals with time.

Once your boat is waxed, this will work as a protective shield and a barrier between the gel boat and the air and will stop the process of boat deterioration.

It is not just once that you have to wax your boat, but this should be done in routine. If a boat hull is left neglected, this will lead to the deposition of chalky substances and will undoubtedly cost your efforts to remove it.

After you finish your ride or a fishing trip, a good wax job done will ensure to keep the boat safe and clean. You can make your entire boating season more enjoyable.

Once you finish your full-day excursion on water, it is evident that you may feel tired and hungry too. And any of the stubborn stains will add on to your irritation (bloodstains of fish, wax, salt deposits, and more). A boat with the excellent wax coating will consume the least of your time and efforts, while you remove the unwanted junk off from your vessel.

We can put this in other words, too, that waxing a boat is similar to spending some quality time with your priceless possession.

Closing observing your boat for any cracks or damages will help you treat them better before you wax your boat. It is always better to fix the boat’s severe damages before taking it in the water. Painting a hull is something different than the waxing of the ship. The application and removing the wax should be made appropriately.

Wax On, Wax Off

5 Steps – A Well-Organised way

1. Buy the right products

The boat waxing should not be confused with car cleaning, as both the surfaces you will treat are different. The car has a painted finish while a gel coat covers the boat. Managing both of them has to be performed accordingly. Applying the car wax on the boat may feel gummy and difficult to use, and this we have tried too. Meguiar and Turtle are excellent products that should be used to wax your boat.

2. Start with a clean boat

Firstly, the boat should be washed properly before applying the wax on the boat. If any dust or residue is left on the surface, that may lead to boat damages. The scratches may appear while you sandpaper your gel boat.

It is a welcome idea to make use of a powerful washer that will help to elbow grease and saves water also.

3. Wax well

A rotary polisher is another good option for waxing the boat surface. The machines will always help in making the work more comfortable and will guide the cleaning process well with the help of your muscles.

The small amount of wax should be laid on the surface before starting the machine. You will see art forms in a new way while waxing.

4. Buff

While you buff, the pad should be clean and will prevent rub marks. You should go back and forth first and later follow a vertical pattern. Gradually, you will witness shine on your surface, and the amount you apply will also make it clear (less or more wax).

If the shine you are looking for is not showing up on the surface despite your efforts, then the rule to follow is applying more wax.

4. Admire

After the results, just enjoy that moment of achievement and appreciate yourself.

Tips – Wax a Boat in an enjoyable manner

You can make the entire process of waxing a boat more enjoyable and exciting. Your friends help you in every way, so they will just add more fun while you work.

Your favorite snacks, beverages, some great teamwork with delight, is all that will be at your disposal. And you can always ensure the ones who are working for you that you will make them a part of your cruise or fishing trip.

It is always recommended to make use of a non-skid wax that will work appropriately for your hull or deck. Uncluttering and setting the things in an organized manner on your boat will also make your boat look nicer.

Commit to waxing

If you stay in a terrain that gets a lot of sunlight. Then being committed to waxing is the best solution.

Taking care of yourself

Wear comfortable clothes

Keep yourself hydrated and satiated (food)

Don’t wear jewelry in order to avoid scratches

Play your favorite tunes

Pamper Yourself

The experience will be fantastic as you share tools while the other fellow boaters are also waxing their boats on the beach.

The appreciation which others give after looking at your boat brings a smile on your face. These are the moments that are full of pride and contentment.

This feels like completing the first cruise or when you catch the biggest fish for the first time ever. Using a camera is also a great thing, as this helps in capturing the moments you worked and spent time while waxing your boat.