Interstate Battery Reviews

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Whenever we talk about batteries, Interstate batteries top the list as being one of the reputed battery brands. It has attained the credit for being the most popular battery brand in North America.

It deals in a variety of automobile, RV/marine, lawn, garden, motorcycle and other range of batteries in the ignition, lighting, and starting markets. Equipped with decades of experience, the availability of these batteries is nationwide for almost any type of vehicle.

Do you know Interstate Battery is at number one position for having recycled more car batteries than they have sold? In terms of quality, you can completely rely upon it as it is the oldest battery maker and distributor in the industry.

Known for strong build and robust performance, it is undoubtedly worth investing in this battery. It is one of the best AGM batteries.

Below are some of the reviews and comprehensive buying guide to help you make a more informed buying decision while buying Interstate Batteries. Have an in-depth look.

Background of Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries widely recognized as Interstate Battery System of America came into existence in 1952 by John Searcy. Headquartered in Dallas, it is earning the trust of the people at a global level.

In 1961, Interstate paired with Milwaukee-based national battery manufacturer Globe-Union Inc. and introduced the popular label and comic icon, ‘Mr. Pro.’ In 1976, 1 million batteries were solid in just 1 year. By 2017, it made a record of selling 18 million batteries in one year.

At present, Interstate is a leading battery brand who is casting impact on is a wide customer base, partners and team members. In the coming years, it holds plans to expand global locations as a part of companywide development and growth.

Why You Should Consider Buying Interstate Battery?

I highly recommend buying Interstate battery due to multiple reasons. Have a look.

  • These batteries are known to be environment friendly. Thinking why? It recycles old batteries, which ensures that toxic acid and lead is recycled. This is an immense contribution to our mother Earth.

  • It offers a wide array of batteries which are not just restricted to automobiles. Though it started in the automotive world, today these batteries are found in almost any type of vehicle from over-the-road big rigs and forklifts to golf carts and personal watercraft. It markets marine, RV, golf cart, Powersports, and garden batteries.

  • If you are out in the market to purchase Interstate battery, you can avail the entire battery accessories and equipment from a single store. Hence, it negates the need for jumping unto multiple stores.

  • The customer service is ultimate and highly professional. Each team member is equipped with sufficient knowledge regarding the products they sell. When it comes to solving customers’ queries, they put their best in keeping their interests and preferences at the topmost priority. When you walk into the store, their courtesy and dexterity will surely amaze you.

  • What makes these batteries more reliable and worth buying is their association with AAA.

  • If you are thinking either to install the battery or carry out its test, you don’t have to put yourself in the hassle of booking an appointment.

  • This battery brand is known for its high values. First and foremost, it encompasses a team that works together to deliver better results. Secondly, it lives up to their patrons’ commitments and always be what actually they are. Thirdly, it considers people’s needs as the top priority and treats and respects them the way they want to be treated and respected.

  • Have you ever thought what else makes this brand stand out from its competitors? It is their culture which makes them believe that it is not only profit that drives success, and this is why it stands out from other firms.

Interstate Batteries MT7- The Super Premium Model

Interstate Batteries MT7

Based on power technology, this model is ideal for handling the cranking and reserve power demands of today’s highly accessorized vehicles. If you are a type of person who loves plugging in additional devices such as cellphones, backup sensors and GPS navigators; then this is surely for you. It is perfect for off-road applications.

It is worth investing in this battery as it is meant to last a long time, reliably starts your engine no matter what the weather, and won’t leak under any type of circumstances.

What Do We Like?

  • It is approximately triple the life of conventional flooded batteries.

  • Even when the engine is off, it offers plenty of power for accessories and plug-in.

  • It provides 40% more cranking power while still powering accessories.

  • It is maintenance-free

Interstate Batteries MTP 65 -The Best Model

Interstate Batteries MTP 65

Known for its high-cranking performance, the Interstate Batteries MTP 65 is perfect for cold to moderate climate. The users of this battery state that it is designed to match everyone’s car’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

With this battery, you don’t have to trouble yourself in firing up your engine time and time again.

What Do We Like?

  • Offers long life

  • Superior performance

  • 50 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

  • Meets and sometimes even exceeds Meets or exceeds the vehicle’s starting needs

  • Available in diverse group sizes

Interstate Batteries MT 35- The Better Model

Interstate Batteries MT 35

The Mega Tron 35 is known for its long life and reliable starting power. They are meant to cater to your vehicle’s requirements in hot to moderate climate.

What Do We Like?

  • Affordable and Dependable

  • Comes with 2 years warranty

Interstate Batteries MTX-49- The Good Model

Interstate Batteries MTX-49

An interstate battery MTX 49 boasts of delivering an ideal life and power. The users say that it has been designed to replace original-equipment AGMs and provide the additional power required for performance vehicles.

It is also perfect for vehicles with a high number of accessories or plug-ins. Its installation is a hassle-free process as it comes equipped with a handle which can make the entire process easy.

What Do We Like?

  • Comes with good cold-cranking amps performance.

  • 2.5 years free replacement and 6 years prorated warranty

  • Excellent life

  • Reserve capacity scores which ensure that battery will long run a car if the charging system fails.

Interstate Battery M 24 – The Good Model

Interstate Battery M 24

The Interstate Battery M 24 is specifically meant for value-minded individuals.

What Do We Like?

  • Comes with 18 months warranty.

  • Standard performance life with ample cranking power

  • 530 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

  • The standard cycle life for accessories

Real User Reviews

  • The user of MTP24 claimed that he bought this model to replace his 3 years old AC Delco in his Lexus GS. After installing the battery in the car, the dim headlights became bright. He was quite impressed with its performance.

  • Another US user who purchased the Interstate battery for his Xbox One Controller stated that it lasted for about 8 days. “The battery is good, however not better as I expected. Probably, it is not cost-efficient”, he claimed.

  • A user from the US who purchased the Interstate battery said that it worked great. “Undoubtedly, I bought it because of its good reputation. When I replaced it in 1 of my remotes, the battery was slightly bigger than the ones in the remote. However, this doesn’t pose the problem as the opening can still be closed. Yes, it is offering good value for money and is even bound to last for a longer period”, he added.

Carrying Out The Comparison With Other Car Battery Brands

Interstate battery is among the oldest battery maker in the automotive industry. Equipped with decades of experience, they specialize in offering diverse types of batteries. Besides this, also see our recommendation for other types of car batteries.

Interstate Batteries vs Optima Batteries

Optima is exclusively an AGM design, whereas most Interstates are flooded cells. However, some modern models are AGM designed. In terms of reliability, Interstate batteries are a better option.

On the other hand, when it comes to charging time, Optima Batteries takes less time in getting charged compared to Interstate Batteries which requires longer time.

Talking about the light indicator, interstate batteries have all light indicators which lack in Optima batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does An Interstate Battery Last?

Ans: An interstate battery comes with a minimum 1-year warranty. If you properly maintain it, you can expect it to run for a long period of say 3-5 years. However, you need to regularly service it for effective functioning.

Q2. How To Maintain The Interstate Battery?

Ans: Here are some maintenance tips to keep your interstate battery fit.

Clean it regularly.

Keep the terminals and battery case clean.

Visually inspect the terminals and cables for signs of corrosion at least once a year, especially in hot temperatures.

Q3. Do Interstate Batteries Need Water?

Ans: The answer to this depends upon the mechanism of interstate batteries. Most of them are built with an electrolyte. This is prepared by adding water to the electrolyte. But the manufacturers have been keen on not using any additional water. So as a consumer, you won’t have to add water.

Q4. Why Are Interstate Batteries Expensive?

Ans: The high cost of interstate batteries is due to their higher rating and a better warranty system. Many people choose Interstate batteries because there are thousands of locations around the country to take them back.

Q5. Are Interstate Batteries Made In The USA?

Ans: Since the Interstate battery’s automotive manufacturer is an American company with locations worldwide, approximately 98% of the automotive Interstate batteries are made in the USA.

Q6. Who Makes Interstate Batteries For Costco?

Ans: Interstate is not the manufacturer, just the brand. They are made by Johnson Controls and Exide. Usually, there are more than 3 tiers of battery-grade, get the third level or highest and they usually perform great.


It is constantly excellent to take into account the option of Interstate batteries if you are out in the market to buy the same. They have been successful in offering top quality batteries for all kinds and sizes of vehicles.

Nothing can surpass their high-end performance, strong build, and durability. It boasts of having recycled more car batteries than they have sold.

With a wide customer base, it supplies batteries to over 200,000 dealers. Being a leading battery firm in America and worldwide, you can completely rely upon it.

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