Lifetime Kayak Reviews – Are They Worth The Money?

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Shopping for a kayak!! Then stay assured to answer this question first……As a kayaker, where do you see yourself using it?

As compared to the traditional kayaks the modern day kayaks possess specialized designs. There is a crossover too and some of the kayak entries could turn out to be dangerous if taken into the wrong conditions.

When purchasing a Lifetime kayak, then your plans are surely to spend your weekends or outings most of the time on calm rivers and lakes.

I also call them recreational kayaks. Lifetime is considered to be one of the top-notch brands of the United States. They have fabulous beginner models, youth kayaks, and kayaks for adults and keen anglers too.

Whether you are searching for a tandem kayak, a sit-in or a sit-on-top type, or something for your kids. We have showcased everything here from the most cost-effective to the most comfortable and durable models by Lifetime.

Top 6 Models Of Lifetime Kayak Reviewed

Best For Kids

1. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

The Youth Wave Kayak is designed specifically for kids for ages 5 & up. This comes with 130 LB weight capacity and can handle kids with ease.

This is a light weight design (18 lb) with molded finger handles on either side for easy carry and transport. The swimmer can comfortably re-enter the kayak from the water as the sloped end with the swim-up step helps a lot in this concern.

You need not worry about the durability and strength of the kayak, since it’s created with high-density polyethylene. The multiple foot-rest positions assist the different sized riders perfectly. The product is backed-up by a 5-year limited warranty.

Tracking and surf riding is just a breeze with its twin-fin design and the ergonomic cockpit design augments motor skills and balance.


  • Designed for kids 5 & up.

  • Lightweight 18 lb. design.

  • Sloped at the end.

  • Durable HDPE Construction.

  • Twin Fin Design.

  • Ergonomic Cockpit Design.


  • Customer service could be better.

Premium Range Kayak

2. Lifetime Tioga Sit-On-Top Kayak

This 120” adult kayak by Lifetime is constructed using a UV – protected high-density Polyethylene. Like the others this also has multiple footrest positions for varied seized riders. The flat bottom of the kayak gives immense stability and you can have a great experience with the comfortable seat back for long paddling adventures.

The vibrant lime-green color and a weight capacity of 275 lbs. is just perfect. The easy carry handle helps in transporting this kayak with ease anywhere you want. Deep hull tracking channels, front and rear shock cord straps, stability chine rails, are some more features which make this kayak special.

You also have a 6 inch rear storage compartment for storing all your fishing gear or other essentials. Overall a great kayak to use with so many extra benefits at this price. You can also enjoy a 5 – year limited warranty with this.


  • Comfortable seat back.

  • Front and rear shock cord straps.

  • Stability chine rails.

  • Multiple footrest positions.

  • Easy carry handle.

  • Deep hull tracking channels.


  • Great for beginners and adults but not kids.

Most Durable Angler

3. Lifetime - Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

The Tamarack Angler 100 is one of the well-renowned fishing kayaks ever created. This is a perfect combo of durability + stability.

This features a 31-inch beam that comes coupled with chine rails to make an impressive paddling platform (adds a lot more to stability) that absorbs the quick shifts in its body-weight that come with a fish on the line.

This is another in the list which is manufactured using UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene. The Angler 100 boasts of a generous keel length so that you can get round a genuine top speed form it despite of its wide hull.

Though you do not have much customization options when you buy this but certainly you get 2-rod holders. Two-holders are on the sides while the 3rd one is stationed in the cockpit’s front. This helps you to have easy access while fishing or paddling.


  • Decent stability.

  • Multiple footrest positions.

  • Two flush mounted fishing rod holders.

  • No bulkheads in dry storage hatches.

  • Tackles load capacity of 275 pounds.

  • Constructed using durable materials.


  • Good for price with no cons as such.

Most Comfortable Kayak

4. Lifetime' Lancer 100 Sit-In Kayak

For those comfortable travels in the water the Lifetime Lancer 10′ Sit-In Kayak features an adjustable seat with a seat back that you would appreciate while purchasing.

Along with adventures, the sit-in kayak is easy to carry and transport too as the front and rear carry handles add much to the comfort. Extra floatation is offered by the built-in foam blocks for those uncanny waters. Like the others in the list, this one is also made with blow-molded high density polyethylene which keep it durable and sturdy.

The multiple footrest positions and rear hatch with shock cords for storage add to the utility of the Lancer 100. This can handle the weight capacity of 275 lbs. you get a 5 –years limited warranty too.


  • Tackles a weight capacity of 275 lbs..

  • Built-in foam blocks.

  • ST performance hull for tracking & stability.

  • Multiple foot rest positions.

  • Limited warranty of 5 years.


  • Users have all words of appreciation, so no cons as such.

Best Lightweight Kayak

5. Lifetime - Hydros Angler Kayak

The Lifetime Hydros Angler Kayak, a sit-on-top kayak which is designed to be light weight and comes in a sandstone color with a weight capacity of 225 lbs. This also features a moldede carry handle, 1 adjustable rod holder, 2-flush mounted rod holders, 2 bungees, swim-up deck and more.

The Hydros is created to offer the user adequate stability and safety (combination tunnel hull design) while on the waters. The center carry handle adds more convenience and make the transport or carry to and from the waterfront just a breeze.

Manufactured with the high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), the construction is UV protected and won’t crack, fade, or peel. You can invest in this kayak with confidence as the 5-year limited warranty is one extra benefit attached to it.


  • Molded-in swim up deck.

  • Combination tunnel hull design.

  • Front and rear shock cord straps.

  • Durable construction.

  • Front t-handle for easy carry.

  • 5-Year limited warranty.


  • Customer service could be better.

  • More good for starters.

Alternative options

6. Lifetime 90806 - Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak (Pack of 2)

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7. Lifetime - Youth Wave Kayak (Blue)

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8. Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak (2 persons)

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Vital Factors To Be Considered

Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit-in-Kayak

Construction/Materials Used

In the olden times Kayaks were made using wood as the major material, and even today for a good price you will get them. Later fiberglass gained popularity (at times layered with carbon fiber or Kevlar).

With time and evolution material called HDPE- high-density polyethylene took over everything. Normally people call this plastic but technically it is a thermoplastic polymer.

The manufacturers world-wide find it more convenient to create kayaks out of this material due to some great reasons:

  1. Less costly material.
  2. Less prone to cracks or damages.
  3. No paint to chip off as the paint goes all the way through the kayak’s material.
  4. Overall better durability.

One small downside of this material cannot be ignored here as the harmful UV rays of the sun may deteriorate it with time and use. All the kayaks by Lifetime are made using HDPE and come with a 5 – year warranty.

Sit-In VS Sit-On-Top KAYAKS

There are two major style differences that the kayaks possess: Either you sit-in them or you sit-on-top (SOT).  The sit-in kayaks are considered to be conventional over the sit-on-top kayaks.

More protection is offered to you by the sit-in-kayaks and with a spray skirt you and your gear you load will stay absolutely dry. This kayak is more sporting for white-water rafting or touring. But one downside of this kayak is, it could be a struggle to manage when capsized. These aren’t the easiest to get in or out of.

Lifetime comes with many models which are reliable and make touring on sea much convenient. These make excellent long-distance craft (good storage options) and you also have an option to add an outboard motor to your Lifetime fishing kayak.

Some of the sit-on-top kayaks feature scupper hulls which come in-built in the hull and allow any extra water entering the cockpit to drain properly. It is advisable to have any such holes blocked and for this sometimes scupper plugs are incorporated.


Since you will carrying a whole amount of gear and stuff with you while out for adventure, so a good storage compartment or space holds great value.

The storage may vary from a simple one to molded areas behind the tank wells (paddler). You get shock straps/elasticized straps to hatch-covered and below-deck compartments. These may be water-proof but water may get in due to any reasons.

So, to stay assured that your stuff remains absolutely dry, use plastic bags to put the material in. The Lifetime Kayaks come with 2 or 3 rod holders as a basic.


Do check all the features such as the multiple footrests, padded backrests, weight, handholds, grips, etc. In some of the tandem kayak models you can reposition or remove the backrest for solo use purposes.

A light weight kayak will always be easy to carry or transport anywhere and clips or paddle cradles make the storage and transportation much easier.


If you have a single kayak then you will be left with more flexibility and freedom for paddlers on-board. With a tandem kayak you need to paddle staying in sync with your partner. This could take some practising time of yours to maintain tracking and preventing your paddles from any sort of hitting.

The longer keel and the extra paddle tend to be more stable and fast than a single one. Even the transport will be much easier when the roof rack will require to hold only one kayak.

If you want to go alone on a trip and wish to maneuver all by yourself then a single kayak is a good option but you will be left with lower top speed. But for longer & more ambitious excursions. 2 singles will be in a position to hold more gear in comparison to a tandem.

Do not go for a longer tandem as it could be quite unresponsive or sluggish. There are tandems that can be paddles by 1 or 2 people. In nutshell, go for a thing that’s of use for you in the long run and knowing all the specifications prior holds importance.

Extra Features

Many entry-level and recreational kayaks come with some of the basic necessities to get you started. An included paddle is a common feature for these boats and many of Lifetime’s recreational and children’s models come with one.


The kayaks by Lifetime are loaded with a plethora of impressive features and specifications but some key considerations are mentioned below:

PaddlesKayak Roof RackKayak Spray SkirtKayak Anchor


All the kayaks do not own a paddle as many kayakers prefer to go for a style that matches their stroke style, height, and kayak type. You should check the comfort offered by the paddles prior to your purchase decision.

Kayak Roof Rack

Certainly a proper kayak carrier/roof rack will offer you more protection and security. You can get a budget friendly option TMS with which the customers are quite happy too.

Kayak Spray Skirt

This is also known as a spray deck, a piece of nylon which is made to fit snugly around you & cover the kayak’s opening for keeping the clothes dry and water out of kayak while you paddle.

Kayak Anchor

The anchors tend to keep the kayak in one place as you paddle. Henceforth, while fishing this keeps your kayak stable and you can customize this according to your kayak type.


If you are a beginner then you can select an inexpensive model that’s priced slightly over$100 or exceeds tile $300. Do check the deals prior to your purchase. Mid-range of Lifetime Kayaks could be slightly higher ranging till $500. You get opt for a sit-in or sit-on-top kayak of different size and features as you like.

There are some superior-quality and tandem kayaks that fall above the category of $500. Some of these expensive models are designed for an outboard attachment too (about $750).

Lifetime In Comparison With Other Brands

Numerous kayak brands have made a mark in the kayak industry by creating some great fishing and recreational kayaks. Many of the manufacturers make use of plastic for making their hulls but some of the brands make inflatables too.

Perception KayaksPelican KayaksSea Eagle & Intex KayaksVibe Kayaks

Perception Kayaks

The Perception kayaks are quite similar to Pelican. Be it the recreational, fishing, or touring kayaks, Perception makes both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks, child-sized boats and more categories.

Pelican Kayaks

For some challenging water conditions the Pelican kayaks have a huge range of kayaks. They also specialize in producing some good fishing and recreational models too. Considered to be slightly more expensive than the Lifetime kayaks.

Sea Eagle & Intex Kayaks

If you have not much space for a hard-sided kayak then you can surely try the easy to set-up inflatable kayaks by Sea-eagle. These are available at an affordable price. Though in terms of performance you won’t get the same satisfaction as that of a hard-sided kayak but you can surely give it a try for some casual water paddling on calm waters.

Vibe Kayaks

If your focus is on fishing and you can afford some extra dollars then Vibe kayaks may be the perfect choice for you. There are many other brands in the market too, but Vibe has come-up with some of the huge fishing kayaks enriched with features.

In The End:

After selecting the best Lifetime kayak you can have a fab experience on waters you like, alone or with some partner. Stay safe while you ride by wearing a life jacket. You should load your kayak properly and travel according to your experience.

Do follow the key considerations mentioned above in the write-up. We really appreciate the Lifetime Tioga Sit-On-Top Kayak and Lifetime – Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak out of our list. Look out for the customer reviews at amazon before you make an educated decision.

Wishing you safe & happy kayaking!!

Frequently Asked Question’s:

Q1. Do Lifetime Kayaks Come With A Limited Warranty?

Ans1. The products manufactured by Lifetime are warranted only to its original buyer. In any case this does not cover any damages caused due to acts of nature, rusting, vandalism, or any circumstances which are beyond the control of the manufacturer.

Q2. Do Lifetime Kayaks Offer Stability?

Ans2. Lifetime is well-known for producing some of the most stable and reliable kayaks. All the boats by Lifetime are manufactured using tough blow-molded polyethylene plastic along with UV protection. Majorly speaking the Lifetime makes recreational and entry-level models that are best suited for lakes and calm waters.

Q3. What Do You Mean By Scupper Holes?

Ans3. The holes positioned at the bottom of the sit-on-top kayaks are known as scupper holes. Weird it is and it appears the boat may sink….but in reality they facilitate the extra water that gets into the boat (due to rough conditions or splash form paddles) to drain out. To have some water in you kayak is normal but of you are uncomfortable with it then get scupper plugs to temporarily block these holes.

Q4. Individual Or A Tandem Kayak, Which One Should I Buy?

Ans4. Tandem kayaks seem to be great fun for 2 partners/people (couples, parent-child). If you buy then some money will also be saved as compared to investing in 2 single kayaks.

The only downside here is that it will be difficult to handle if you wanna go solo now and again. Apart from this it is a great option for all those keen kayakers to spend some quality time together.