Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion

Last Updated: May 5th, 2021 | By: Gina

The best way to re-energise the life of your existing golf cart is to go for a high-performer Lithium-Ion battery upgrade!

Replacing your lead-acid batteries with Lithium-Ion is highly beneficial.

Do you know, why we need to replace or upgrade?

By doing this, you will be in a position to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Quick charge time
  2. Longer range
  3. Longer life span
  4. No maintenance
  5. Warranty benefits according to the manufacturer etc.

For powering electric golf carts the flooded lead-acid deep-cycle batteries have been the most effective way for decades.

With all the success stories about Lithium-ion batteries, even vehicles like Tesla cars also makes clear what Lithium can do a lot to reduce costs. It’s a great news! For the golf course industry.

All those who are keen about the conversion have put down a lot of information from the lithium industry, exhibiting advancements along with comparisons about this technology.

Undoubtedly, this information about battery technology in publications leaves out a whole lot of easeful and crucial notes for any golf course management. Now what the battery manufacturers create can easily be compared for best future outcomes.

Lithium Golf Cart Battery

What do you mean by conversion here?

How do you do it?

Let us understand it more practically:

The original motor which we had was around 30 years old and we burn it up pulling a heavy trailer up-hill for long ways and we decided to replace the motor with a huge tort beast motor.

Since the motor was new, we wanted an upgrade for the original heavy batteries with Lithium-ion. If you are upgrading to the lithium-ion batteries then that is a lot of gain in efficiency for your motor, your batteries, and your entire system.

We are talking about the model S. 51105. This is a 51 volt or 48 volt battery for golf carts. When you get this, you have a user manual and they supply you with their own special battery meter.

There will be an 86 pin connector and mounting bolts with hardware. We have a negative connector which is for your battery voltage meter and the main power switch on the battery meter system actually disconnects from the R. S. 45 cable.

You should run the cable back towards the battery here as this will directly plug into this. When you plug your R. as 45 cable up to your battery then you will get a notch in one side here. Once you have a pushed in all the way you can go ahead and tighten-up the terminal here.

Whenever you get your battery and you get everything hooked up and you get a beep and a shorter with 4 bars on this battery right here.

Ensure that the golf courses in the off position the parking brake is set. Once we have the C. removal, go ahead and flip the term run switch into the towboat. Now we have everything also the golf courses until mode, we can go ahead and start disconnecting the batteries. We also need the better tables except for the main positive and the main negative which is running the system.

We will also need to remove the battery warning system as well. For these battery hold downs we have some big boats here. No rips and remove the batteries terminals containing a half-inch range. There is an O. ring built into this T, connector. Just repeat that run all the batteries. Remove the batteries from the golf cart and use the installation tool…………

Converting your Golf Cart Battery

Much talked about the model S. 51105, you can also make use of the S series products and can imitate the performance of lithium golf cart models. They are basically lithium-ion battery packs with an integrated golf cart battery system.

They are engineered to upgrade your golf cart’s current lead-acid batteries installed in your vehicle. These are single-sealed unit made of lithium-ion battery packs along with an integrated battery management system.

Converting your Golf Cart Battery

Technical Specifications:

S Series S5156 S51105 S51160
Nominal Voltage 51V 51V 51V
Nominal Capacity 56Ah 105Ah 160Ah
Stored Energy (Wh/kg) 2.8kWh 5.3kWh 8.2kWh
Dimension (L*W*H) cm 46*33.4*23.2 46*33.4*23.2 80*35*22.1
Weight Lbs (kg) 77 (35) 96 (43.6) 159 (72)
Mileage (per full charging) Up to 20-30 miles Up to 40-50 miles Up to 60-70 miles
Standard Charge 22A 22A 22A
Standard Discharge 50A 100A 100A
Maximum Discharge 200A (10S) 200 A (10S) 200A (10S)
Standard Charge Time 2.5h 5.0h 8.0h

Advantages of considering Lithium-ion batteries for your GOLF CARTS

If you go for the replacement or upgrade for your golf cart battery then you will feel great about the under mentioned benefits:

Longer life

If you opt for a lead acid battery then you will get 100 – 300 cycles for your golf cart. As after 150-cycles the lead acid batteries tend to produce ½ of their rated capacity. While the lithium-ion batteries have a life expectancy of 3000 – 5000 cycles.

Now you can compare and see how frequently the replacement will be needed if you use lead-acid batteries and tshe maintenance required is almost zero.


Did you know? Lithium-ion batteries are probably 70% lighter in comparison to the lead acid-batteries. If you have a 48V golf cart battery, this will weigh around 500 lbs. Now you can yourself compare that switching over to lithium-ion batteries will remove 500 lbs. out of your golf cart. If the energy which is required to speed-up the cart will also be reduced.

The wear and tear will also be minimized on your motor, suspension, frame, carts controller, and tires.

Higher Voltage

As the lithium-ion batteries hold high-voltage, they offer more torque allowing the electronics and controller to operate at their optimal efficiency.

The high-voltage will help your golf cart to speed up faster and hold the speed higher while going up-hills.

Charge Faster

Lithium-ion batteries charge much faster than lead-acid batteries. Just ensure that you charge them with a lithium-ion battery charger. The best performance and long life is assured this way.

If we talk about the efficiency rate then lead-acid batteries are around 50-80%, whereas the lithium batteries are 99.1%.

Since the batteries- lithium-ion have no memory so you can charge them anywhere and anytime you want.

Just Plug & Play

You just need to take out your lead-acid batteries, replace them with 3 or 4 lithium-ion batteries (51V or 48V), depending on the golf cart need. Make use of the existing cables, turn the key on, press the pedal, and you are ready to go!!