Why Investing In A Lithium RV Battery Is The Best Decision Of Your Life?

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lithium rv battery review

The history of lithium batteries dates back to the 1970s-1980s. They have lithium as their anode due to which they are popularly known as lithium RV batteries. They have completely revolutionized the portable electronics industry especially the RV market. If you have an RV and love to travel without confronting the issue of dying battery in between your journey, a lithium RV battery is something best fit for your adventure.

Such batteries are manufactured using high-end technology which leads to high energy density, reduced cost, and 5 times longer lifespan than the traditional battery. The lithium RV battery has surpassed the traditional battery in every aspect. It comes with a better discharge rate and fewer maintenance charges.

Secondly, they are extremely light in weight and come with a high charging rate. Want to know more about lithium RV batteries and how it has surpassed the traditional form of battery? Let’s dive deeper into it.

Why Lithium Batteries For Your RV?

Good Discharge Rate

Unlike a traditional lead-acid battery, lithium batteries have a better discharge rate. Thus, it is capable of maintaining a consistent storage capacity over a long period of time.

High safety standards

Lithium batteries are designed for keeping health and safety standards as the topmost priority. They are safe in normal use and devoid of any toxic fumes or liquid. The user can bid goodbye to the risk of fire or any spark.

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Fast charging rate

Lithium batteries are extremely easy to charge and respond very well to being charged quickly. They are capable of receiving the constant high-power charge without causing any power loss damage to the battery. The user doesn’t even have to adjust the current for a different stage.

Light in weight

If you hate carrying the extra weight of batteries, then a lithium battery is best suited for you. Its weight is about 1/3rd of the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries thus making it easy for you and your RV to carry it from one location to another.

Types Of Lithium Batteries

Now, you know why lithium batteries have a plus point over traditional form of batteries, you must also get acquainted with the types of lithium batteries to be used for your RV.


If you are looking for lithium batteries for class A RV’s inclusive of large motor coaches, then RB 200 lithium battery is everything you would want. The users who have purchased this battery states that it can fully charge in about 1-3 hours.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, its voltage doesn’t dropdown. It is 61 pounds and offers 200 amp hours for your ride. Though its up-front cost is higher than Gel, lead-acid or AGM batteries, it gives high performance.

RB 100

RB 100 lithium batteries are specifically meant for Class B and Class C RV’s, 5th Wheel RV, Toy Hauler RV, and Travel Trailer RV. This compact and high performance 30 pounds battery comes with a total of 5 years of warranty. It boasts of 100 amp hours for your ride. It features a repair Period of 36 months and pro-Rated credit period of 24 months.

RB 100 LT

RB 100 LT lithium batteries have an increased application in travel trailers RV, Toy Hauler RV, 5th Wheel RV, Class C and Class B RVs. This 12V 100Ah battery is specifically designed for cold-weather performance. This low-temperature battery series charges when the temperature drops below -20°C. It is based on proprietary technology which draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. This battery is undoubtedly a real steal!

RB 300

RB 300 is a 12V lithium battery is handy for Class A RVs. With 82 pounds in weight, it offers 300amp hours for your ride. It offers reliable performance in every type of climatic condition. This battery is sure to redefine what you think a battery can do!

Lithium batteries are gaining rapid momentum. If you are looking to buy one, you need to find the manufacturer who offers the lithium battery for your RV as per your specific needs and requirements.

Have A Look At The Popular Lithium Rv Battery Manufacturers.

ExpertPower Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Buying an ExpertPower RV Lithium battery is absolutely a wise choice especially for those who love off-the-grid camping.

The people who have purchased this battery states that it is capable to last between 2500-7000 cycles depending upon the usage.

It comes with an average lifespan of 10 years. Being only 22 pounds in weight, it is an extremely lightweight option. The affordable pricing is another reason why investing in this brand makes a good choice.

Apart from this, it comes equipped with the type of protection that doesn’t let you worry about risky situations when it is running.

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Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery represents a smart option for those who are looking for a lithium battery that can work well in a variety of climatic conditions. It can even run in extreme cold weather conditions with a temperature below -20 Celsius.

It is undoubtedly a real steal as it features an extensive battery management system encompassing protections for temperatures, overcharging, overcurrent, over-discharge, and short-circuits.

In addition to this, it comes with an easy installation process which makes the company highly desirable by the people.

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Another reason to invest in this brand is that its batteries have a low self-discharge rate that if you leave it disconnected and fully charged, it will still be okay even after a year. Though battery handles are not built into the body of the battery, considering its long life and resistance to corrosion and leakage, it is definitely a good buy.

Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

If you are in search of a lightweight battery, Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery best suits the purpose. It is just 29 pounds in weight.

The company is known to offer batteries that work well with renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

A real user states that unlike his old 63-pound-apiece UPG batteries, he doesn’t have to now replace the battery after every 3 years.

Though quite expensive, it offers innumerable benefits that are actually worth the money spent. Rest, it boasts of being equipped with short-circuit protection for safety.

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AIMS 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

This is a solar battery with a sturdy built and high level of durability. It has 4000 charge and discharge cycles. It is capable of discharging every bit of its energy without harming the components inside.

People who have used this battery are extremely satisfied with their thermal and chemical stability. These two aspects make sure its usage remains completely safe.

It even ensures every battery cell is fused to add further additional protection and safety. It comes in 100a and 200a variations which provides the user more control over the product’s effectiveness.

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If you will buy this product, you also get a carry-on strap which makes carrying the battery around an effortless task. Though the product comes with a high price tag, it offers great versatility.

Mighty Max 12V 100AH Lithium Replacement Battery

If you are in a hunt for a simple, light, and affordable lithium battery manufacturers for your RV, then Mighty Max is surely the preferred choice.

The users of Mighty Max Battery 12V 100AH Lithium Replacement Battery are simply quite impressed with the product.

They say that the product has a lifespan of about 2,500 cycles. It can function very well in both hot and cold climatic conditions.

For those who take their RV on bumpy and rough terrain, this battery is worth buying.

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It is designed using top materials that can withstand any type of travel problems. Also, the overall look is not at all bulky. With 20 pounds in weight, it is extremely light which also makes the installation process quite easy. Tap to know why this Mighty Max Battery is not worth to be missed.

Consider The Crucial Buying Factors

Now after being well acquainted with the various types and manufacturers of lithium battery, if you are thinking to buy the battery for you RV, consider the crucial buying factors to ease your buying process. Have a look.


Whether to invest in an expensive or cost-effective lithium RV battery, depends entirely upon your budget. If a particular model comes with versatile features and innumerable benefits, and long life span; then it is worthy to invest in a high-cost model. Make a realistic budget and then make a selection from the models that fall within your set budget frame.


Before choosing any type of lithium battery, consider its weight. Whether lightweight or heavier, determine whether it is appropriate for your rig or not as you need to store it inside the rig. If storing more energy is your prime concern, then choose high weight battery. Such batteries come handy for those who are enthusiasts of off-the-grid activities as they can withstand wear and tear. The battery’s weight also relies upon its overall design. If you want the storing and installation process to be easy, pick lightweight and compact batteries.


It is recommended to choose a lithium battery for your RV that has the potential to work with multiple power sources for charging such as campground’s power supply, generators, or solar or wind power energy. As a buyer, you need to ensure whether the battery will work well when the engine is running or it will function only when parked. Thus, invest in a battery with versatile charging options for your smooth and swift RV trip.


The power of battery includes- the speed of charging the battery, the capacity of the battery, and duration of the energy storage. The time your battery will take to get charged affects your entire travel time frame. The capacity of your lithium RV battery states how much energy it can store. Thirdly, while buying the one check if the lithium RV battery can keep the unused charges inside it so that it can be used later or whenever required during the trip.


It is always wise to choose a lithium RV battery made up of good quality material that tends to affect the durability of the battery in a positive manner. Such batteries are known to work better in terms of power, and energy. The batteries that come with sealed housing, handling features and extra sturdy housing design tend to withstand the bumps and rough terrain in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Choosing A Lithium Battery For Your RV Is A Better Option Than Other Batteries?

Ans: Lithium batteries have surpassed the traditional acid lead batteries because of their plethora of benefits. These are-

  1. Long life span
  2. Capable of functioning well in both hot and cold climatic conditions
  3. Quick charging rate
  4. Maintenance-free

Q2. How Long Does A Lithium RV Battery Tend To Last?

Ans: Though the lifespan of lithium RV batteries differs from model to model. However, the average lifespan is about 10 years or we can say approx. 2,000 cycles. These batteries tend to last for a number of years when compared to traditional batteries.

Q3. What Maintenance Tips Have To Be Undertaken To Keep The Lithium RV Batteries In Top Condition?

Ans: In reality, lithium RV batteries require no or very little maintenance. If you own the one, you only need to clean its surface with a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. Avoid using wet cloth.

Q4. How To Set Up Your Lithium RV Battery?

Ans: Have a look at ways to set up your battery.

  1. Locate the positive (+) and negative (-) signs in the wingnuts of the battery.
  2. Your RV has two cable leads with lugs or eyelets. Connect the red one to the positive (+) wingnut first and the black, or sometimes white, to the negative (-) wingnut of the battery next. Make sure to check the instructions on your unit to verify the correct color of the cables.


When it comes to choosing a battery for your RV, a Lithium battery makes unquestionably the best choice. Such an effective and efficient battery is highly long-lasting, has many deep cycles, charges in a quick manner, and is eco-friendly too. Investing in this battery will never make you regret it.