Mighty Max Batteries Reviews – Is It Good Battery? 2023

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ENERGIZE your world with Mighty Max, and the name is enough as the brand has gained enough momentum over the past couple of years. Undoubtedly, it offers heavy-duty, high-performance SLA deep-cycle AGM batteries with varying amp hours. Prompt customer support is one of the elemental attributes that a great brand should possess.

Mighty Max is well-known for its genuine and timely support for the customers.

Reviewing and finding a suitable battery for your application is not a child’s play as numerous options are there at your disposal.

Be careful!! As choosing an inappropriate battery or charging it in a wrong way may lead to some troublesome experience. And I am pretty sure none of us want that to be.

I have written a review of one of my favorite battery brands, keeping in view all the aspects in mind. I hope that the categorization done (check the usages below) will really help you to select the right one for your application.

Henceforth, be it your motorcycles, trolling motors, golf carts, solar panels, toys, and more power them with the best and empower yourself too!!

Let us get started and get our buts off…

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Our Top Picks

Best For Motor Cycles: YTX30L-BS – 12V 30AH 385 CCA – SLA Power Sport Battery

“A superior quality AGM construction for maximum durability”.

Ideal For Motor Scooters & Wheel Chairs: Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 – 12V 35AH Battery

“Delivers extraordinary performance for float and cyclic applications alike”.

Apt To Solar Panel: Mighty Max Battery 12V -100Ah SLA- AGM Battery

“An advanced design that works right out of the box requiring zero-maintenance.”

Perfect For Alarm Panels: Mighty Max Battery 12V 7Ah Home Alarm System

“Exceptional quality, safety, and support for your home alarm systems.”

Best For Exit Signs: Mighty Max Battery Exit-Sign Battery

“One of its kind that provides power to Exit Sign in case of emergencies”.

Ideal For Computer UPS Systems: Mighty Max Battery ML7-12 – 12V 7.2AH

“Power-packed battery designed with advanced technology for UPS systems.”

Top 8 Models Of Mighty Max Batteries Reviewed

Best For Motor Cycles

YTX30L-BS - 12V 30AH 385 CCA - SLA Power Sport Battery

Why we chose this?

The design is sleek and makes this battery convenient for portability and installation purposes.

Who should use this?

This is designed as a sports battery and an ideal choice for motorcycle riders.

This is a power sport AGM series sealed battery that has an impressive long-service life. A non-spill design with a high-discharge rate and supports wide operating temperatures.

The best thing about this AGM battery is that it can be easily mounted in any position, has a deep discharge recovery, and resists shocks and vibrations.

The company promises to repair for 1-year and that leaves the users with a whole lot of confidence.


  • Non-spill able and 100% safe.

  • Durable package.

  • Resists shocks and vibrations.

  • Can be mounted in any position.

  • 1-Year Promise to Repair!


  • Mounting accessories and wire harness are not included.

YTX14AH-BS 12V 12Ah

Why we chose this?

This is compact, compatible and lightweight battery with all sorts of chargers and owns all other qualities of what a good battery should offer.

Who should use this?

If you are a motor cycle enthusiast, then this is the best one to buy and use. Even all-terrain vehicles, personal watercrafts are supported by this.

This is another Mighty Max battery model which is designed using AGM- Absorbed Glass Mat technology.

This remains spill-proof and adequate security is provided by the technology used to construct them. The quality of reviving itself from deep discharge state is really appreciable.

This is said to resist shocks and vibrations and gives amazing performance without getting heated up. This is compatible with marine battery chargers and others also.

This rechargeable battery can be mounted in any position and the best materials are used for the construction of this product. Designed to empower these batteries come with a return-policy of 30 days and an attached warranty of 1-year.


  • Unbeatable efficiency and long-life span.

  • Harmonious with all sorts of chargers.

  • Compact, lightweight, and spill-proof.

  • Built with AGM technology and SLA batteries.

  • Refund policy of 30 days with 1-year warranty.


  • Issues may arise of some defects.

Ideal For Scooters & Wheel Chairs

ML35-12 - 12V 35AH Battery

Why we chose this?

This Mighty Max Battery delivers the power when you need and offers extraordinary performance and service.

Who should use this?

People using motor scooters and wheel chairs (due to any reasons) can use this with convenience.

The ML35-12 – 12V 35AH uses state-of-the-art, heavy-duty, and calcium-alloy grid to deliver the best operation.

This is an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology and features a valve-regulated design. You can use it with utmost ease in enclosed and indoor environments without the leaking hassles.

The battery is rechargeable and maintenance-free with an attribute of high discharge rate, deep discharge recover, and long service life. Be it the high or low temperatures this offers long lasting high performance.


  • Rechargeable maintenance-free battery.

  • Wide operating temperatures.

  • Resistance for vibrations and shocks.

  • Spill-proof battery.


  • No wire harness or mounting accessories included.

Apt To Solar Panel

Mighty Max Battery 12V -100Ah SLA- AGM Battery

Why we chose this?

In comparison with the flooded wet-cell battery this requires zero-adding of fluids and zero maintenance.

Who should use this?

Along with other solar uses these solar panel batteries can be used for toys too.

This is another SLA AGM battery that gives you the comfort of no-maintenance, no adding water with a superior performance. A modern design that works right out of the box.

The 12V -100Ah is also spill-proof battery with high-discharge rate attributes. Performs brilliantly in high and low temperatures alike. Like the other ones this also shows resistance to shocks and vibrations.

This is reliable, durable, and supports you promisingly for years.


  • Can be mounted in any orientation.

  • Great performance in both high and low temperatures.

  • No maintenance and no adding of fluids.

  • Strong battery with superb functionality.

  • Can be used in enclosed and indoor environments.

  • Backed by a 30 day refund policy and full 1 year warranty.


  • Solid battery for price with no cons as such.

ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1

Why we chose this?

This is solar-powered, cuts on costs, and a portable design.

Who should use this?

Compatible for solar usage and toys.

A premium quality battery by Mighty Max is probably the smallest deep cycle battery in comparison with others. This is a high performer and can be mounted in any position and its portability is highly appreciated by the users.

The ML35-12 – 12V shows the ability to resist shocks and vibrations. This is so light and weighs just one-fourth of its size than its other counterparts. This leak-proof, safe to use battery is built with AGM technology and SLA batteries.

This remains corrosion-free and the valve-regulated design is one of the best. Since it shows compatibility with all kinds of chargers, the worries of getting out of charge are ruled out.


  • Remains robust with AGM and SLA batteries.

  • A deep cycle solar powered battery.

  • Spill-proof, valve-regulated, and a corrosion-free battery.

  • Compatible with different types of chargers.

  • Supports mounting in any orientation.


  • Wire connectors are lacking.

Perfect For Alarm Panels

Mighty Max Battery 12V 7Ah Home Alarm System

Why we chose this?

This is a genuine battery that is designed to provide unbeatable performance and quality whenever required.

Who should use this?

This is the best home alarm system back-up replacement for power patrol.

This is another SLA/AGM non-spill able battery which promises to deliver exceptional performance in high and low temperatures.

Like the other Mighty Max batteries this also owns high-discharge rate, deep discharge cover, and long-service life.

Though it does not include any wire harness or mounting accessories but the battery is such that it can be used right out of the box. The 30-day refund policy and full 1-year warranty leaves the users with ample of confidence.

If you buy the 12V 7Ah you get quality construction and durability.


  • Rechargeable maintenance-free battery.

  • Spill-proof.

  • Long-service life.

  • High discharge rate.

  • High performer in varying temperatures.

  • 1-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy.


  • Beeps when power is weak, apart from this a great deal.

Best For Exit Signs

Mighty Max Battery Exit - Sign Battery

Why we chose this?

This is a unique battery which facilitates power to Exit Sign in case of power outage.

Who should use this?

One can use for emergency lighting, security systems, solar, toys, and more.

An ideal option for working in emergency modes and powering your battery back-up exit signs. Now you need not worry if the electricity goes out, as this will power the EXIT SIGN automatically.

The battery shares similar features like that of the other Mighty Max batteries. This is also non-spill able, rechargeable, and requires zero-maintenance.

Shows resistance to vibrations and shocks and doesn’t get heated up fast. A superior quality high-performer battery at an affordable price. You need to hard-wire this to your electricity of the building or other infrastructure for letting it work on emergency mode.


  • Rechargeable, maintenance-free battery.

  • Works with wide operating temperatures.

  • Non-spill able with high discharge rate.

  • Resists shocks and vibrations.

  • High-performer and a long-lasting one.

  • 30-day refund policy and full 1-year warranty.


  • Great product at a great price with no cons.

Ideal For Computer UPS Systems

Mighty Max Battery ML7-12 - 12V 7.2AH

Why we chose this?

This is a high-performer, heavy-duty battery for computer systems and works without any leakage issues.

Who should use this?

Great for office or home use for replacing existing UPS battery or buying a new one.

This is another amazing battery by Mighty Max that powers when you need it the most. You get exceptional service life, performance, in float any cyclic applications both.

The ML7-12 – 12V is a valve-regulated design that is suitable for enclosed and indoor environments as this doesn’t get heated-up fast. Apart for being used as computer batteries this can be put to use for a huge variety of applications.

A heavy-duty battery with a calcium-alloy grid. The product is backed-up by a 30-day refund policy and full 1-year warranty.


  • Can be utilized in a wide variety of applications.

  • Valve-regulated design.

  • Offers extraordinary performance and service.

  • Delivers power when you need.

  • Works both in float and cyclic applications.

  • 30-day refund policy and full 1-year warranty.


  • Power supply if interrupted may cause issues in rare cases.

The Features – Mighty Max Battery

Mighty Max Batteries

As the name suggests the Mighty max batteries are an example of strength and power. While using this battery you can just be easy be it anywhere. This is a deep cycle battery and can be used for cyclic applications or float.

The battery gives so much performance and lasts long. Constructed with a calcium alloy grid of heavy duty these batteries are perfect for many applications.

From vehicles (electric), consumer electronics or any emergency devices, these batteries are great to use and you can just keep your worries away while using this.

You can pursue your hobbies of outdoor recreation, sport with ease and comfort. The battery is made with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology that makes it safer to use.

You can just forget the days of leakage and corrosion while using these amazing batteries manufactured with modern technology.

You can use this battery for a variety of outdoor equipment such as gardening tools, automatic golf carts, portable medical devices, trolling motors, etc.

This is certainly a lighter weight battery than the others in this category. A better option than the other regular batteries. As, already mentioned it has an anti-leak feature due to spread out electrolytes over fiberglass that prevent leakage.

This battery has SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries and any chance of excess heating is removed and the gases if released get the passage to escape without any requirement of ventilation. This way the batteries are left unharmed.

The batteries are sealed ones and can be mounted in any position, and this feature just makes you feel like appreciating these little power houses.

Since these batteries are constructed such that anti-rust quality comes with them. You just don’t need to worry about the maintenance and cleaning of the battery.

One can carry with whatever activity one is engaged in.

The batteries just boast of being sturdy and is in a position to withstand any kind of vibration and shock.

The battery is portable and is used for outdoor purposes too, has all the possibilities to work in varying weather conditions. This really keeps your mind at peace.

The batteries are made with thicker plates that are prone to any deep discharge and don’t run out of power soon. Five times faster they have the ability to recharge than their other brother batteries (non-AGM or flooded).

The batteries discharge very slowly and keeps all your worries away about discharging soon.

In case you are outdoors camping or kayaking, the battery can go up to 3 days without charging. These are compatible with all other chargers and this is also quite convenient.

If you are in trouble or then also this battery serves you with adequate support.

The battery is constructed using quality material and features calcium alloy grid that makes it more sturdy and secure.

Mighty Max Batteries – The Best Than Its Competitors

Undoubtedly, the Mighty Max batteries are powerful than its other competitors and is priced that is affordable to buy. If you tight in your budget then can go for this battery.

If we compare it with Odyssey 34-PC 1500T then it will be great if you opt for Mighty Max as it has more efficiency and work for longer duration along with cranking.

While the former may face overcharging issues. If the comparison is with Universal UB12350 then also Mighty Max will prove much better as it is versatile, constructed with quality materials and is compact than the former one.

Mighty max is a deep cycle battery that can go on for long.

In The End:

The battery and its power are discussed in detail in the article above. So, you can go for any outdoor recreation, camping, kayaking with this amazing battery that has all the capabilities to fulfill your power-related needs.

They are maintenance-free, leak-proof, budget-friendly, spill-proof, and durable batteries. The relaxation and peace of mind that you get is marvelous. The batteries are high on performance and prone to deep discharge, which makes them just stand out and prove better than others.

They are another name for power, safety, and support and the brand is trustworthy for sure!

Frequently Asked Question’s:

Q1. When you buy a battery, is it fully charged?

The battery when bought has a full charge and can be put to use directly. Though some people do charge it then and that is also of no harm for sure. They work great as the batteries are new and deliver high performance while giving you maximum satisfaction.

Q2. Can I know the reserve capacity of battery?

The Mighty Max batteries have a very low discharge rate and have a great reserve capacity. For example, the battery that has a rating of 125-amp (hour) then 5 amps (per week) will be the rate of self-discharge of the battery. And if in winter we keep it without charging then the loss will be of 80 amps if the battery capacity is 125-amp.

Q3. Are Mighty Max batteries any good?

The batteries perform exceptionally and are constructed with amazing quality. Of course, they are suitable for varied applications and equipment, from motor boats, motor cycles to solar panels. How great they are? Absorbent fiber glass and polyester mat separators are also a part of it making it more reliable and durable.

Q4. What is the charging time required for a Mighty Max battery?

The time required to charge a Mighty Max battery is not much. It’s very convenient if we have this one and a battery with 12V will have to be charged just once a month and the ideal voltage will be 14.4 volts for this. Even the discharge cycles have to be taken into account and for these 10 cycles, and after that charging should be done.

Q5. What is the life of a Mighty Max battery?

Mighty Max battery has a life of more than 1-3 years if kept well. These batteries are deep cycle and don’t require much maintenance. The company gives a warranty of 1-year or a refund in 30 days. They are durable and have a long -life span. This has a slow self-discharge rate, so keep the worries at bay.