Minn Kota Copilot Trolling Motor Review – [Power Drive 55 vs V2] 2022

Last Updated: January 6th, 2022 | By: Gina

Wireless Trolling Motor

Remote Control Trolling Motors are Real Game Changers!!!!

Professional anglers or fishing hobbyists are often in look-out for some improvised ways for a good catch.

Even those of you who enjoy the experience of light tackle casting will surely want life to be more convenient on water and a remote control trolling motor is the perfect answer to this.

These high-tech devices work quietly (without frightening the fish away), seamlessly, and bring the entire control in your hands.

You don’t have to do anything manually like the traditional ones and are left with more time to do fishing rather than just monitoring the boat. The motors reduce impact on your surroundings too.

Not just this, these trolling motors offer….More perks!!

Advanced features such as:

  • Spot-lock feature

  • iTracks (Record-A-Track)

  • Auto Pilot

  • Smartphone app

  • CoPilot/Cruise control and others

For more details check out the most promising and power packed trolling motors that are remotely operated.

Note: We have done the product overviews and compared them too.

Top Rated Wireless Trolling Motor Comparison Chart

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Best 5 Trolling Motor Copilot Reviews

Best Overall

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1. Minn Kota Ultrex Freshwater Bow-Mount Motor

Product Overview

Some arguably say that this Ultrex is Minn Kota’s best motor till date but some go with Ulterra. But these motors surely are monsters. The ULTREX surely flaunts of durability and you won’t find one more durable than this.

The company has confidently slapped a warranty of 3-years on this motor. Though the other Minn Kota’s come with 2-year warranties. In comparison with Terrova, ULTREX offers much more. This features I-pilot link, lift assist, with mega down imaging.

The imaging helps you on all sides and underneath directly. You will be able to trace the fish nicely this way and won’t miss any. Click here to check the  latest price.

The I-Pilot Link system allows you to control your motor from the touchscreen remote or from a virtual remote (sold separately). This makes you effortlessly steer in areas with underwater grass without letting the propeller catch as the power steering is amazing to use.


  • Probably the toughest Minn Kota motor.

  • Features an I-pilot link and lift-assist.

  • Offers optimal sonar performance.

  • Mega Imaging can see downwards and sideways.

  • Only motor with power steering.


  • A bit higher-priced though worth every penny.

  • You do not get light weight options.

Premium Pick

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2. Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Product Overview

One other promising trolling motor is the ULTERRA and this also remains unchallenged. If you compare it with the Ultrex then it has more features. Minn Kota has added a lot to it.

ULTERRA is 100% automatic despite its life-assist system, stowing and deploying. You need to just click your remote and then see how the motor performs its task by itself.

You need not be on your boat also. The power trim allows you to make adjustments with your shaft-length from your remote. This way you can set the desired length for deep and shallow waters even if you are on the other side of the boat.

This comes with a complete foot pedal around which is extremely sophisticated. Just with the touch of your foot you can control everything.


  • A complete foot model in itself.

  • Power trim lets you adjust shaft length from remote control.

  • Automatic stow and deploy.

  • Offers maximum sonar performance for finding fish.

  • Comes with I-pilot link and Mega Down Imaging.


  • A little-bit expensive.

  • Some find it fancy.

Most Affordable

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3. Minn Kota Powerdrive Bowmount Trolling Motor

Product Overview

The Powerdrive model is probably the most affordable model you can get with a remote control. You get a complete control of your motor along with some unique bunch of features.

Although there is just one feature that this misses is the lift-assist and this will need you to deploy and stow your motor manually and could be heavy for some and the choppy waters could be troublesome.

But you can use the Humminbird fishfinder along with this model. The powerdrive features a very simple foot pedal apart from the basic navigation controls, and is the smallest RC trolling motor. This is an ideal option for inflatable boats due to its small size.

Want to know the current price of Powerdrive Click here.


  • Most reasonable Minn Kota with remote control.

  • Indestructible composite shaft.

  • Lightest Minn Kota RC trolling motor (great for inflatable boats).

  • Compatible with Humminbird fish finder.

  • Comes with I-pilot and a simple foot pedal.

  • Proudly made in the US.


  • Stowing and deploying may be a bit difficult than the others in the list.

  • Lacks few features over others.

Most Recommended

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4. MotorGuide Wireless Freshwater Bow Mount

Product Overview

The MotorGuide Xi5 is a wireless freshwater bow-mount and comes with a battery-operated wireless foot pedal, has GPS capabilities, wireless handheld remote control-unit. It’s really great to have all in one package.

Not so advanced Minn Kota, though, remains enough for many of the fishermen. The Xi5 has the abilities to lock the boat in place while using the GPS anchor. The routes are recorded and can be used again later.

The wireless foot-pedal will need batteries and an eye is required to be kept while you use them. Though the pedal is a bit sensitive and cumbersome to use.

The trolling motor owns LED lights and this helps you to check the four primary functions:


  • Wireless foot pedal.

  • Wide range of shaft and thrust.

  • Composite flexible shaft.

  • Corrosion-resistant construction.

  • Digital power management.


  • Could be a bit difficult to deploy and retrieve motor.

  • Similar to the Ultrex model but misses few things.

Most Upcoming Features

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5. Minn Kota Riptide Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Product Overview

The Riptide salt water trolling motor has been put to test and this is something you would really appreciate. A perfect combo of uncompromising toughness and stealth silence is what you will expect out of a good motor.

This won’t terrorize fish, or back-down even in the most adverse conditions. Of course, saltwater anglers won’t turn down on any of the challenges ever.

The Riptide features a pre-installed i-pilot that keeps you free so that you can focus on fishing. For remembering the paths and fishing spots this makes use of the GPS technology.

You can activate the cruise control and this will give you command of steering, speed, and advanced Autopilot.


  • Pre-installed I-Pilot that provides you with unmatched boat control.

  • Sacrificial Zinc Anode.

  • Indestructible Composite Shaft that is guaranteed for Life.

  • Foot pedal is available as an optional accessory.

  • Two-year warranty.


  • Users find it a great motor.

Is Remote Controlled Trolling Motor The Right Choice?

If you compare a normal tiller or a foot-pedal one with a remotely-operated motor, then the latter are surely more expensive and if there are casual boaters then they can probably do without them.

But the fishermen for whom fishing is closest to the heart then go for a trolling motor with a remote. Fishing becomes much more fun and easy as these types of trolling motors make life on water much easier.

You will be left with more time to fish than battling with the elements.

Remote Control Trolling Motor Benefits?

  • Makes your job much easier

  • Cool and exciting features to play around with

  • You need not stay near the motor all the time

  • As you move towards your destination you can prepare your line

  • Spot-lock allows you to stay-in-place as you fish

  • The control feature such as i-pilot (GPS enabled) make these motors the smartest option

Apart from these there are many more features that give these trolling motors which are controlled by remote an upper-edge over the others.

Converting A Bow-Mount Into A Stern Mount Trolling Motor?

Did you notice that most of the motors are the bow mount mentioned in the article above?

The reason is there are no stern mount remote control motors, even I didn’t find any. Without any issues in about 20-mins you can just turn a bow mount motor into a stern mount one.

  1. Firstly get a transom bracket assembly and on the shaft this will be replaced for the bow mount bracket.

  2. Taking the head off the motor could be tricky and ensure to put it back together, we have some YouTube videos here that will prove of great help.

Minn Kota CoPilot Trolling Motor System-Installation and Review

The Summary:

Still confused!! Or decided which one to buy. Just go ahead confidently and select the best that suits you in every way.

Our personal choice is Minn Kota Ultrex and Minn Kota Ulterra, though others are also good and loaded with some nice features.

Finally, choice is yours, what you shop. Buy unmatched convenience and have a fab fishing experience!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can a remote control system be installed into a regular trolling motor?

The answer for this is yes, the installation can be done. But this is not going to be easy and you would need an electrician to do the job rightly.

The Powerdrive as explained above is sold without the i-pilot feature, and one can get it installed later making the job easier.

Q2. Is investing in a remote control trolling motor worth?

If you are keen to experience the best modern-way of fishing then something like a remote control trolling motor is truly worth the investment.

Though a bit expensive option than the traditional ones but a way better than them in terms of features and performance.

Q3. Minn Kota Riptide, what is it basically?

There are two major versions of motors created by Minn Kota: regular and riptide. The latter are salt-water ready but may not come with a remote though are fish finder compatible.

Q4. How can we distinguish between a Co-pilot, Autopilot, and I-pilot?

All the three are features of Minn Kota:

  • Co-pilot- This helps in turning the motor on and off, navigate, and speed adjustments.

  • AutoPilot- This uses a compass and after the direction is set, the motor does its job automatically.

  • I-Pilot- A remote control feature that allows spot-lock, keeps your iTracks, and goes to a certain destination on its own.

Q5. Can I convert my bow mount motor into a stern mount?

Yes, you can go ahead with this type of setting and we have explained in the article from where you can refer. But we wanna make it clear that the remote control may not work properly.

As all is designed for the bow-mounts, so your remote-control may behave crazy if you go for the conversion.