Napa Legend Battery Reviews

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Napa Legend Battery

If we are to describe Napa Legend Battery, we would say it is a battery with excellent life, cold-cranking score, and a high reserve capacity for an emergency. It may be a step down in terms of warranty as it comes with only 18 months warranty.

However, the higher models such as Napa Legend Premium and Napa Legend Premium AGM offers a warranty of 24 months and 36 months respectively. The legend series offer AGM batteries that last much longer than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Who Manufactures Napa Batteries?

The Napa Batteries are manufactured by East Penn manufacturing who is known for its outstanding service contribution to the NAPA organization.

Now a day, most of the premium batteries like Napa are from Johnson Controls. NAPA Auto Parts has over 6,000 locations nationwide as well as an online store.

If you are thinking to buy Napa Batteries for your vehicle, give deep consideration to some of its useful reviews.

Arguments in Favor of Napa Legend Battery

  • NAPA, an AGM type battery uses a flat-plate core with AGM electrolyte separators, making it impossible for the plates to touch.

  • It offers its customers extra services like a free replacement period and routine maintenance.

  • Theses batteries can handle a wide range of temperatures.

  • It offers a wide range of batteries at highly affordable pricing.

  • It offers amazing online and offline shopping experience.

  • It covers a full free replacement within the warranty duration as long as the defective battery is brought into a store.

  • After the term of the warranty, you can receive a partial replacement of the battery’s original price. What else a buyer would want?

Arguments against the Napa Legend Battery

  • Unlike its competitors, it lacks a number of brick and motor stores around the country.

  • Though it has an online store, the batteries can’t be purchased online because they are not shippable. Reserve it through a website and pick it up from your nearest store.

Real User Reviews

  • A user of Napa Legend batteries states that such AGM batteries offer premium quality and they last for a long period of time as long as you don’t deep-discharge them. Keep them charged properly and they provide good service. Drain it dead a couple of times and they die soon after. Flooded batteries are a little more tolerant, but he doesn’t like that kind of abuse either.

  • According to another user who purchased a new Napa Legend Battery at the Eden Prairie MN shop; it lasted for about 12 months before failing to hold a charge. He brought it in, it was tested, and he was given a new replacement battery. His takeaway is that things happen, but what’s important is how a business responds. According to him, they responded with good and contented service.

You should definitely give this battery a try!

Napa boasts of offering a multitude of different size batteries to fit your vehicle’s particular application. Have a look.

  • Automotive Batteries- Napa Legend offer top of the line AGM batteries for your cars, trucks, and SUV. They are meant to offer longevity, great resistance to vibrations, better start protection, a spill-proof system, and unparalleled durability.

  • Multisport Batteries- Napa Legend multisport batteries are meant to cater to the need of your recreational vehicles with OE standards. They meet the demands like a variety of leisure, ATVs, snowmobiles, and so on.

  • Marine And Deep Cycle Batteries- Napa Legend offers a diverse array of marine and deep cycle batteries. The marine batteries are designed to discharge a huge amount of energy in a short period whereas the deep cycle batteries discharge a low amount of energy over a longer period.

  • Lawn And Garden Equipage Batteries: Lawn and garden equipage Napa Legend batteries are inclusive of golf cart battery, lawnmowers, and much more. They ensure the run time.

Napa Legend battery is further classified into two variants- Napa Legend Premium and Napa Legend Premium AGM

Napa Legend Premium- It is the highest-rated car battery in the group 24 & 24F category. It comes with 24-month warranty and protection against temperature extreme. I would recommend this model as it is extremely a superior choice for starting performance.

Napa Legend Premium AGM- It is a plus model in comparison to Napa Legend Premium. It comes with a 36 months warranty period. It provides 20 times more vibration protection for the best starting power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Do Napa Legend Batteries Last?

Ans: The average battery life of Napa Legend Batteries is 3- 5 years.

Q2. Napa Legend Is Which Type Of A Battery?

Ans: Napa Legend is an AGM battery that offers its users satisfactory electrical reliability. It lasts much longer and is lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries.

Q3. Who Manufactures Napa Legend Premium And Napa Legend Premium AGM?

Ans: Both are manufactured by the East Penn manufacturing company.

Q4.Why The East Penn Manufacturing Company Is Worthy To Trust Upon?

Ans: The East Penn Manufacturing Company has been awarded the 33rd Annual” Spirit of Napa” award for the most outstanding service and contribution to the NAPA organization. With a 97.4 percent order fill rate and double-digit sales growth, they have been recognized as a quality supplier.

They are producing a wide variety of lead-acid batteries, wire and cables, and other battery accessories. From transportation to motive power to reserve power, this company covers you all around.


With 6,000 locations nationwide, the Napa Battery Auto Parts offer premium quality batteries with excellent life and cold cranking score. They are successfully delivering various types of batteries ranging from automotive and multisport batteries to marine & deep cycle and lawn and garden equipage batteries.

It is constantly excellent to take these batteries into account if you want to receive a partial replacement of the battery’s original price even after the term of the warranty.

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