Optima Blue Top Marine Battery Review

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Optima- The Ultimate Source of Power, is a recognized name in automotive and marine batteries that has been manufactured by Johnson Controls since 1970. The company first introduced maintenance-free lead-acid batteries mainly for commercial and military use.

To make tougher batteries and long-lasting chargers, the company uses ultra-high performance AGM (Absorbent glass matt) products with advanced Spiralcell Technology. Today, the company has over 2000 employees and sells its products to nearly 100 countries around the world holding on to a large retailer network.

The preceding article will talk about the specialty of the brand i.e. Optima Batteries, covering an integral view with some of the most loved batteries among the users.

Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery - Comparison Chart

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Optima Trolling Motor Battery - Detailed Reviews

1. Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M Blue Top Battery


  • Weight: 53.8 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.8 x 8.7 inches.
  • Spring cell technology for constant power.
  • 15 times resistant to vibrations.

Fifteen times more durable against vibrations, the well-constructed body designed with a long-lasting ability to hold the charge, can be considered as one of the most powerful performers.

The pure lead plates, ensuring maximum conductance and power, With deep cycle capabilities, hold various advantages. Even though it is pricey, yet the user believes it is even worth the extra money. Fast and quick charging ability, lasting more than a day-long with a 2-year of warranty, is a real beast.


  • Excellent performer.
  • Extremely durable and maintenance-free.
  • 15 times vibration resistant.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.


  • Not enough features.

2. Optima Batteries 8050-160 D31T: Yellow Top Battery


  • Weight: 59.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions (L*W*H): 12.8*6.5*9.38 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts

With an average life of 6 years, it offers extremely powerful performance and tends to hold a charge for a pretty long time. You can easily camp for 4 to 6 days without recharging the batteries.

It can hold 300+ discharge or recharge cycles without worrying about acid spills. Made to give a deep quick start even in the freezing temperature, stainless steel 3/8″-NC nylon lock-nuts and sump pump lungs increase the battery’s durability and reliability. For the cheaper price range, look for YELLOW TOP D34.


  • A very good performer.
  • Highly durable, reliable, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Constant power deliverance.
  • The good and reliable body design.
  • Can be mounted in any position.


  • Expensive

3. Optima Batteries OPT8003-151: Red Top Battery


  • Voltage: 12Volts
  • Dimensions (l*w*h): 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 37. 9 Pounds
  • Terminal: SAE terminal

Claimed to provide the strongest starting burst, with optimal starting power, the Red Top optima batteries are known for their excellent capacity to last in prolonged heat, never leak or spill, nothing to maintain.

They are best for cars. Providing 3X more battery life to the engine, they offer the fastest charging. Do check the availability of the charger with the Battery. Need to be charged every 100 yards, it is a great product with a pocket-friendly price.


  • Virtually spill-proof.
  • Faster recharging.
  • Strongest starting burst.
  • Up to 3X longer life.


  • Couldn’t find any.

Why Choose Optima Batteries?

  • Far better than lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries and pure flow technology provide ultimate starting power to your car, motorcycle, boat, or jet ski, with deep cycles in a complete package. The mat ensures that the batteries do not sulfate, spill, or degrade.
  • The sealed convenient design offers lower internal resistance with the ability to recharge faster and provides more voltage, the power pack is both shock and vibration resistant.
  • Built with more than 100 million individual spiral cells, long ago from the beginning, the spiral cell technology holds the tolerance against temperature, automated processes, and humidity.
  • Available in three variants, Red, Blue, and Yellow, the company has classified the batteries based on the features.

  • Red: Mainly used for normal engines to ignite where an alternator instantly looks forward to the state of charge and provides vigor to the battery whenever it requires.
  • Blue: Mostly used for a dedicated starting; Never use Blue Top (dark grey case) batteries for cycling duty. The Blue Top, dual-purpose battery with (light gray case) is set for both starting and deep cycling with extremely high cranking power.
  • Yellow: One of the true dual-purpose automotive batteries, The yellow top comes with impressive cycling capability and premium cranking power. Mainly used for heavy-duty tasks, this trolling battery is perfect for accessory-loaded vehicles, especially used in modern times. Offering low internal resistance with more consistent power output and faster recharges, the battery holds limited application.

Benefits of Optima Batteries:

  • The batteries have a combination of higher durability and high heat and vibration resistance that helps the vehicle to have two times longer life than other batteries. The tightly compressed Optima battery withstands various types of vibrations that can fail or further damage the battery to a great extent.
  • Acting as a power reservoir, Optima batteries provide an extremely powerful boost to the vehicle even in the freezing temperature for the initial five seconds to get it started at the earliest.
  • Spontaneous customer service helps you to solve your queries or issues related to the products in no time possible. You can either visit the store or can contact them via phone at 888-8-OPTIMA (888-867-8462).
  • The company further offers a 30-days hassle-free money-back guarantee, with a simple return policy. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can also drop them a mail at: info@optimabatteries.com

The Scope Of Improvement:

  • Both Blue and Yellow Top Batteries are comparatively higher in price if compared to Red Top ones but most of the time, they are the best fit for your vehicle.
  • It is advised to invest in Optima Batteries only if you have got a new vehicle or you wish not to change the vehicle for a long time now, as they offer a long life to your vehicle.

Final Thoughts:

Even still you are looking out for, “Are Optima Batteries worthy?” then, Yes.. they are one of the best batteries you can purchase with no complaints at all. Most of the time the longevity of a battery depends upon the level of maintenance, climatic conditions, severe discharges, regular off-season storage, and high vibration.

But still, in comparison to other brands of batteries, they tend to last longer. Although being heavily expensive, they are one-time investments that will last nearly up to 4 to 6 years without any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I purchase an Optima Battery?

Ans: Yes. If you have got a new car or vehicle that you are going to use for years, an AGM battery can be the best choice. Since AGM batteries are available in three variants, you should always choose the one as per your vehicle’s requirement. Optima’s unique Spiral cell and Pure flow technologies give Optima batteries more than 15 times the vibration resistance.

Q2. How Long Do Optima Batteries Last?

Ans: OPTIMA batteries last up to twice as long as traditional flooded batteries, because we’ve proven that time and again, both in lab testing, as well as real-world applications. In an application like that, they could expect to see OPTIMA batteries last up to four years.

Q3. What Color Optima Battery Is Best?

Ans: The red-top battery is designed for cars starting as extremely high cranking power has all normal features and benefits of Optima from vibration resistance and life, if you have a vehicle that requires high cranking power this is a great battery for you – yellow top battery. For deep cycling, opt for Blue top batteries.

Q4. Are Odyssey Batteries Better Than Optima?

Ans: Optima batteries are still probably good-looking and wonderful to the eyes of a user’s first time handling the battery, but Odyssey is a better and more durable AGM battery between them.

Q5. Can You Recharge A Dead Optima Battery?

Ans: The best method for recharging a deeply discharged AGM battery is to purchase a modern charger that has kept up with battery technology. Many chargers now have AGM-specific settings and desulfation steps to help recondition and recover deeply discharged AGM batteries. You can use any charger on an Optima battery as long as the voltage is regulated properly. If your charger will remain on indefinitely, the voltage should be at 13.8 volts maximum with a one-amp maximum current.