O’Reilly Super Start Battery Review – Updated 2021

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are super start batteries any good

O’Reilly Super Start Battery is one of the rapidly growing battery companies in Australia. It is known for designing, developing, and manufacturing batteries of premium quality at highly affordable rates. Highly efficient and reliable in performance, it comes with a warranty and free replacement for up to 3 years. Its diverse range of products includes- automotive batteries, truck batteries, deep cycle battery, marine battery, golf cart battery, solar storage batteries, power sports battery, and specialty batteries.

Where To Buy Super Start Battery?

O’Reilly Super Start Batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing Company which dwells in Lyon Station Pennsylvania. Since 1946, it has been into the business of manufacturing high-quality batteries. They are especially known for their Dependable Deka battery brand. If you are thinking to buy Super Start batteries, you can buy it from your nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts store.

Let’s take into account the reviews of multiple models of Super Start Battery so as to ease your buying decision.

Why You Should Consider Buying Super Start Battery?

  • O’Reilly Super Start batteries are available in a wide array of choices where each one is designed to handle even the toughest environments.

  • Their sturdy and tough built eliminates electrical shorts.

  • Their vibration-resistant design withstands demanding conditions.

  • Though batteries are compact in size, yet it delivers high performance.

  • The Super Start Platinum group 65 car battery is an AGM battery that has a handle to ease the installation process.

Super Start Battery Problems That Faced By Owners

  • The O’Reilly Super Start Battery’s warranty does not cover discharged batteries or diminishing capacity due to battery age and depth of discharge.

Let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of different variants of Super Start Battery.

Super Start Platinum Batteries

Super Start Platinum battery variant provides immense power for starting cars and trucks and performance demands. It is designed in a way to deliver a superior starting and deep cycle service. Being an AGM battery, it charges faster than a lead-acid battery.

super start platinum battery review

I would highly recommend this battery due to its heavy-duty optimized power plates that vest in it the capability to prevent life robbing electrical shorts. Another reason for the recommendation is the AGM design that eliminates leaks.

Super Start Extreme Batteries

Super Start Extreme Batteries for Cars and Trucks are definitely worth buying. Ever thought why? They are meant to deliver maximum cold-cranking power, high reserve capacity, and maximum starting power. They are proven to last for an extended period of time and comes with no maintenance cost. Its negative envelope separators reduce short-circuiting due to normal plate shredding and growth.

super start extreme battery review

In the case of harsh weather conditions, extreme batteries are highly recommended. It ensures improved performance and extra power under such conditions.

Super Start Platinum Batteries

To fulfil the electrical demands of today’s vehicles, Super Start Platinum batteries work best. They are optimized and engineered to offer reliable starting power even during severe climatic conditions. They come with fortified posts, straps, and welds that aims to resist vibration damage and ensures an overall durability.

Super Start Speciality Batteries

If you looking a good performance battery for your golf cart, consider Super Start Speciality batteries. They are engineered to offer the deep cycle performance you need. What so special about this battery?

super start premium battery review

It is composed of high-density active material and a specially formulated grid alloy that enables the battery to withstand the stress of repetitive cycling. Equipped with heavy-duty plate straps and tight element, it can easily resist vibration.

Super Start Power Sports Batteries

Available for power sports, ATV’s, motorcycle, and watercraft in a diverse selection of group sizes and power levels, you can choose the one that perfectly fits your needs and requirements. The battery is designed in a manner to withstand vibration and the rigorous demands of power sports applications.

super start platinum agm battery

Why it is worth buying? It is effortless to install and is designed to be spill-proof and leak-proof. Designed to absorb ground-pounding vibration, you can consider it for long and deep discharges.

Super Start Fleet & Heavy-Duty Batteries

Super Start Fleet & Heavy-Duty Batteries are commercial-grade batteries that are designed to last for a number of years and withstand corrosion owing to its maintenance-free vents.

super start fleet and heavy duty battery

Meant to deliver superior performance, up to 70% better electrical flow, and increased cycling in the harsh environments; you can consider buying this battery without giving any second thought.

These batteries come equipped with lead alloy straps and anchor bonding that increases vibration resistance. Also, you will see an impact-resistant case with reinforced end walls for durability. The integrated folding handles provide the user with the ease of carrying and installing the battery. While buying the battery, you can make a selection from 6, 8 and 12-volt group sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long A Super Start Battery Does Is Meant To Last?

Ans: Super Start offers good quality batteries that are meant for last for approximately 3 years. Rest it offers nationwide warranty and free replacement.

Q2. Which Super Start Battery Is An AGM?

Ans: The Super Start Platinum group 65 car battery is an AGM battery that has a handle to ease the installation. Also, it comes with a 3-year free replacement warranty and a claimed CCA of 750.

Q3. Super Start Extreme Is Which Type Of Battery?

Ans: Super Start Extreme falls under group Size 24F Battery 24REXT.

Q4. How Can I Buy Super Start Batteries?

Ans: Super Start batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing located in Lyon Station Pennsylvania. You can buy the required battery for your vehicle at your nearby O’Reilly Auto Parts store.


Super Start Batteries, one of Australia’s largest battery suppliers boasts of offering premium quality batteries for your cars, trucks, Powersports, and marine vehicles. They are linked to a worldwide network of research & development and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Available in different variants to serve your multiple purposes, investing in this battery is nevertheless a versatile option. The 3-year warranty and budget-friendly tag make it even more worth buying.

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