Pelican Kayaks Reviews – What Makes Them The Best?

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Being in the business for the last 50 years, Pelican is a brand of hoses and accessories for the automotive aftermarket that offers superior quality, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service.

One of the largest suppliers of hoses in North America, more than 30 million replacement parts are shipped annually by Pelican to collision repair shops, body shops, auto parts stores, and dealerships throughout Canada and the United States.

Keeping the customer’s satisfaction as a prime principle, a section on the website is dedicated to professional installers that includes articles about technical issues faced by technicians and will help them to serve better, from both a repair perspective and an education perspective, by showing videos on how simple it is to repair common problems using Pelican products.

The following article will focus on one of the most loved items manufactured by the company i.e. – kayaks.

What Is Special About Pelican Kayak?

The Brand is lined up in manufacturing kayaks that are meant for long distance paddles, recreation, fishing and tandem use. Affordable price range with a great reputation in the market, the Canadian company uses patented RAM-X multi-layered material to keep intensive control over quality standards.

Highly renowned in the water and nautical sports industry for using high-resistant materials to prevent shocks and vibrations and even holds the capacity to regain its shape after massive hits, the material has UV-coated exterior finish that further tends to increase the lifespan of Pelican Kayaks.

Favorable for both adventurers and angulars, we have covered a holistic overview about Pelican kayaks with some worthy mentions.

Recreational Fishing Kayaks By Pelican - A Look Through

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The Lightest Pelican Fishing Kayaks Reviewed!

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1. 100XP Recreation Pelican Kayak

The kayak is known for its amazing upgraded features like less weight that makes it really easy to carry it around, well-supported by the ergonomic carrying handles. Plus, it comes with an outfitted Ergo fit G2 Seating System.

A customizable and convenient cushioned backrest combined with cushioned seat pad gives better solace and expanded airflow. In addition, an adjustable footrest makes it really easy to change positions when out of water.

A large rear tank with a bungee cord deck with a storage bag, which gives you the luxury to bring everything you need along with yourself.

Two flush mount pole holders are ideal for a net and a swivel bar holder. Made with protected RAM-X PREMIUM material, a particularly sturdy high sub-atomic weight polyethylene that contains a top layer of cutting edge pitch, which gives greater unbending nature while as yet being advantageously lightweight.


  • Lightweight.

  • Amazing storage capacity.

  • Ultra stability and tracking.

  • Added fishing accessories.


  • Contains lead.

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2. Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak

If comfort and performance is the top choice, then choosing Pelican Odyssey 100x would be the perfect choice.

The best thing about this kayak is that it is perfect for anyone who just wants to enjoy kayaking. Whether you are a beginner or an expert this kayak would just fit fine for you.

This model is amazingly versatile and lightweight as compared to the perception kayak. Plus it is most aptly priced in this segment.

The hull of this kayak is manufactured from super-durable triple-layered Ram-X polyethylene. Check out the additional benefits of triple-layered Ram-X polyethylene.

It also has a perfect load capacity of 275 pounds (ca. 125 kg) which is excellent in this segment. This model’s shallow v chine gives it exponential responsiveness and mobility. The seats are given comfort which has the unique ability to adjust according to your body shape.


  • Lightweight kayak.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Great load capacity.

  • Comfortable seats.


  • Uncomfortable footrest.

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3. Sit On Top Pelican Kayak

This is undoubtedly the most stable recreational kayak. Using Pelican prime 100 for making up the kayak, the company uses advanced technology. This amazing kayak is ideal for any paddler who is looking for adventure and some nature experience in summer in any lake or calm rivers.

The company has further added on flotation inside the hull in this model. Additional small features like bottle holder, secure tie-down points for paddles, and a bungee storage net additional items may seem to be small additions but can make a lot of difference when on an adventure ride.

Do check out the full specifications and extra features added by the company to make it one of most durable and convenient sit on top kayak.

It also consists of multi-chine flat bottom hulls which give it amazing stability and enhance its maneuverability. This feature makes it easy to handle all levels of activity. You can be sure of its durability when it is made from Ram-X thermoform construction.


  • Amazing stability, with a multi-chine flat bottom hull.
  • Exponential load capacity.
  • Great comfort with adjustable seat and footrest.
  • Great additional add-ons.


  • A bit heavy to carry.
  • Prolonged sitting can hurt sometimes.

Why Should I Choose Pelican Kayaks Over Other Brands ?

  • Pelican Kayaks’ weight, or lack of it, is due to the use of Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology. The company’s manufactured 10-foot kayak is lighter in comparison to competitors’ models from Lifetime, Perception, Sun dolphin and Emotion kayaks. Additionally, the use of TST technology provides Pelican Kayaks an ability to create a stronger, and stiffer product.
  • Excelled in providing a kayak its strength, impact resistance, and stability, the company curbed the use of plastic for shaping or moulding kayaks. The specialized material is less likely to become brittle and provides long life integrity of a kayak. This further shows the company’s strong interest in providing excellent craftsmanship.
  • Talking about strength and durability, keep in mind that the hull and deck of the kayaks are fused together under high heat and pressure that offers Pelican Kayaks an ability to gain their stature form after violent impacts.
  • Besides this, they are considerably appreciated choices for first-time and inexperienced kayakers. As all you need is basic kayaking techniques and choosing Pelican kayaks means choosing more stability.
  • The unique structure replacing inflatable or folding models makes them an alluring option for anyone who wants a light kayak that comes with added setup and breakdown requirements.
  • Excellent Customer service, within 24-hour reach, the brand can be contacted via mail or the phone number.

What Needs To Be Improved In Pelican Kayaks?

  • As the company focuses on offering a range of different types of kayaks into a single kayak for users with different experience levels. This can also turn upside down, making it a signal that the company does not put all of their efforts into making any specific type of best kayak. They offer variety but if you are looking for a kayak for a specific purpose, you will find better kayaks manufactured by other brands who specialize in a single type of kayak for a specific need.
  • The company offers a limited life warranty of one year on kayaks as well as the parts and components that are covered against deformities in materials or craftsmanship. Do keep the fact in the mind that the warranty is only valid if the product is used for the intended purposes. Whereas, other products like canoes, fishing boats, paddle boats, offer longer time spans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Pelican Or Lifetime Kayak: Which Is Better?

A: With a maximum carrying capacity of 275 pounds (ca. 125 kg), Pelican kayaks are worth mentioning for their incredible features and craftsmanship. Whereas, Lifetime kayaks, on the other hand, have a remarkable holding capacity of up to 300 pounds (ca. 136 kg) but vary in terms of stability the two kayaks have to offer.

Q2. What Factors Should I Consider While Purchasing A Pelican Kayak?

A: Consider both types of kayaks- sit on top and Sit inside. Sit inside kayaks that are completely dry and warm enough to allow you to paddle for longer periods of time. It is recommended to be used in winter to avoid cold or if you don’t like water spills, then this one’s for you. Whereas, paddling in warmer waters during the season pleasure, steadiness, and simplicity of use are all features of sit-on-top kayaks.

Q3. Which Pelican Kayak Is The Lightest?

A: Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Lighter Kayak is the greatest choice on the selection for a kayaker who desires to enjoy a stable and pleasant kayaking experience. It weighs only 39 pounds (17.69 kg) and is specially adapted to the average paddler.

Q4: Which Pelican kayak is best for beginners?

A: The Pelican Pursuit 80 Kayak is a low maintenance starter kayak. It is a good and recommended option for beginners. It has a robust Ram-X hull that never has faced an issue of being leaked. The molded seat has a comfortable design further designated for long journeys.

Q5. Are Pelican Kayaks Made Up Of Two Parts?

A: Pelican kayaks vary from other kayaks; they are built significantly differently. Unlike Sun Dolphin or Lifetime kayak’s, which tend to include yaks that are formed in a mold as one piece, pelican kayaks yaks are produced from two pieces that are fused together to produce the whole kayak.


The Pelican Kayak is a trusted brand by first-timers and experienced paddlers. They are known for their impact resistant kayak quality that offers more durability and stability in comparison to other boats.

Ranked among the various features, the love and support of fine folks at Pelican Kayaks cannot be ignored. On top of all, it is one of the most affordable options to get you out on the water in style.