An Honest Sun Dolphin Kayak Reviews

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In recent times, kayaking has become the most popular sport and hobby for amateurs. There is a greater need for kayaks on the market due to the rising popularity and demand. New industries come up at a higher pace. You should be well aware of your need while choosing your kayaks regarding fishing or sports.

Sun Dolphin is one of the famous brands in the kayak market. It manufactures a variety of boats according to the demand of their clients. They excel in paddleboards, kayaks specifically designed for fishing and sports. The build quality resembles the traditional kayak look. The sun dolphin kayaks date back to 1982 and start their operation as a small family-owned business.

The company aims to manufacture pedal boats in the starting and then shifts gears towards the water sports products such as canoes, Jon boats, paddle boats, fishing boats, kayaks, and dinghies. They built the highest quality parts for kayaks.

Some Of The Best Sun Dolphin kayaks for you


  • Adjustable Padded Seat

  • Large open cockpit

  • Multi-purpose


  • Comfortable Handles

  • Extra Storage

  • High Quality Material


  • Great for lakes & rivers

  • Lightweight

  • Maximum Stability

Detailed Reviews

1. Sun Dolphin Aruba

This is a solo kayak with some of the best features available in the market. This model excels in price and quality. It is one of the most stable kayak which comes at affordable price. Sun Dolphin Aruba is very well known for its comfortable open cockpit.

There is enough space for storing gears. The weight of the kayak is approx 40 lbs. 

This variant comes in several color options such as orange, green, purple, red, and blue. The maximum weight that this model could accommodate stands at 250 lbs.

This is not suitable for many heavy users. The sitting arrangement is not comfortable, so you might need to buy an additional padded seat. This product consist of UV stabilized polyethylene plastic, which is heavy duty and unbreakable material. Recreational enthusiasts find this product very useful.



  • There is a Larger space for additional gears and features.

  • Additional Holder space.

  • High comfortability mechanism as there are larger foot space braces.

  • The handles are easy to operate.


  • The seat mechanism lags comfortability.

  • 250 lbs are the maximum load capacity, which is quite low.

2. Sun dolphin excursion

This product comes with a sit-in technology. Dark green, tan, and gray color options are available for the model. A swivel holder and a two-rod mount is beneficial for fishing operations. These mounts help secure the fishing rods and fish finder.

There is an adjustable foot brace that enables you to re-adjust your foot position. Padded seats gains enough foam for better comfort. 

The built-in storage hatch provides you some additional space for storing enough supplies while you plan for an overnight ride. The only backdrop that looks in this kayak is that it could not be used in rough water.

Any stronger wave or current could easily capsize the kayak. This model is not a serious fishing kayak, so if you are planning to make your trip a professional one, this is not the product. If you want to enjoy your day out and want an affordable kayak with additional features, then sun dolphin excursion is the best choice for you.

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  • These are Affordable fishing kayak in the mid-range.

  • They show Greater stability with a length of 10 feet.

  • An additional swivel rod holder is useful in fishing.

  • There are two rods mount holder in the kayak.


  • Padded seats are not adjustable.

  • The model only made for calm water operations.

3. Sun dolphin Red Aruba

This product is one of the best entry-level kayaks for beginners and entry-level users. This could be your sole partner for rough waters of lakes and rivers. The product is made from UV plastic with a holding capacity of about 260 lbs.

The weight of the kayak stands at 27 lbs, and it is considered as one of the best entry-level kayaks. An additional compartment is present to hold up your gears and food supplies for long trips.

The gravity center will be lower in sit-in kayak as compared to the sit-on kayaks, which provides you more control and stability during your ride. The seat is padded and adjustable.

The model is basically designed to enhance the stability of the ride. Rough water ride is not preferable for this kayak as it is made for smooth and calm water. If you are looking for an entry-level kayak that can provide you a fun ride on calm and silent water, then this sun dolphin Red Aruba is the right choice.



  • Easy to transport.

  • Lightweight.

  • Additional storage compartment.

  • Highly preferable for rivers and smooth water.


  • This model Not good for rough water.

  • The cushion is not comfortable.

4. Sun dolphin Boss SS

The sun dolphin boss SS is the best stand up model for fishing. This kayak is highly preferable for experienced and professional kayakers spending all day long in the water. This model is a sit-on type. Adjustable footrests provide additional stability to the user.

There are an anti-slip standing deck and waterproof base hatches. 

Sufficient storage on the system allows you to add up a full bucket of live bait. The handles on the upper edge help the users to carry out the kayak from the water.

The product is made from UV stabilized plastic, which provides heavy-duty material. The sun dolphin Boss SS comes expensive as compared to the other models; hence it is not well suited for the beginners. The weight of the model stands at 78lbs, which is also on the heavy side.



  • This kayak allows you to stand up during the fishing.

  • This can be used in cars, marine, solar applications, planes and more.

  • The kayak comes in camouflage design and color, providing a more natural look.

  • Large storage options.


  • The product is quite expensive.

  • It is heavy to carry the 78 lbs model.

  • Seats are not comfortable for top-notch.

5. Sun Dolphin Bali

Sun Dolphin Bali is one of the favorite tandem models. The most adherence feature about this kayak is that it could accommodate three people in it.

This is the best choice if you want to share your ride with your friends.

This suits well for a family of three and could be a great steal for siblings who want to spend quality time on the water.

It contains many storage hatches that allow you to keep your additional foodstuff and other supplies. The seats are padded with high-quality material, which prevents fatigue.

The kayak has a built-in self-bailing method so that if there is any water in the kayak, it could drain out on its own. The model claims to accommodate a maximum weight of about 500 lbs, but their reports claiming where users have faced problems even at 400 lbs. This model is also made from the same UV stabilized material, which is a downside. More rigid fiberglass material could be used for this model.



  • This model is affordable in this tandem category.

  • The adjustable back seat provides enough back support.

  • Capacity to hold three kayakers.


  • Material is not up to the expectation.

  • Rated capacity up to 500 lbs, but complained of the model running into the problem beyond 400 lbs.

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6. Sun dolphin Phoenix

This sit-in kayak is the best choice for beginners with a single sit technology. This kayak has everything you want for kayaking and also one of the best affordable products in the market. It is also made of UV stabilized polyethylene plastic, which is highly durable for still water.

It comes in multiple color variants, including pink and purple. The seat is ergonomically comfortable and positioned on the paddle half. The adjustable footrest provides you an additional advantage. The pricing and build quality are certainly the downsides of the model.

As the product lags durability, it could only withstand the performance with the entry-level kayakers. If you want a simple kayak with an affordable range, then this product will suit you well.



  • The weight of the kayak is mere 45 lbs, enabling you to easily carry it all the way to the lake.

  • The sun dolphin Phoenix is one of the most affordable kayaks on the market.

  • It comes with pre-loaded paddles.


  • Although inexpensive, it lags the additional features.

  • Build quality is extremely cheaper.

7. Sun Dolphin Camino SS

The sun dolphin Camino SS is one of the most sort out products in the market. It is a great deal for beginners and solo users. This product is extremely rigid and durable, which provides high time stability on the water. This model is made up of high-quality UV-sterilized plastic, which will run in all weather conditions.

It consists of a large and open cockpit enabling you to easily accommodate yourself in and out. The Footwells are very comfortable. A self-bailing mechanism is an additional feature in the product. Anytime the water enters the system, this technology automatically drains out the same.

The built-in carry handles help you to carry the kayak easily from and into the water. This kayak is lightweight, but it is not the fastest in the market, so don’t look for speed if you are opting for this model. The additional features, such as the ergonomic seat and adjustable footrest, are absent as this product is quite cheaper as compared to other models in the list.



  • The sit-on mechanism provides comfortability for beginners.

  • Highly stability.

  • Gear holding includes a shock cord deck for holding a water bottle and other stuff.


  • This model is not one of the fastest in the market.

  • The model misses up the additional features.

8. Sun Dolphin Bali 6

This kayak is one of the best available models for kids. This could prove a perfect deal for you if you are planning your kayaking season with your kids.

The wide cockpit is advantageous for entering the kids onto the kayaks. The square stern technology helps to keep the kayak steady and provides additional stability to the system.

There is an In-paddle mold holder which prevents losing the paddle in the water. Swim platform enables kids’ safety and builds up confidence while on the water.

This kayak is only suitable for the lighter kids; if your kid is heavy, then you must adopt the other model.

The weight of this kayak stands at 28 lbs, which is very light and portable to carry. This 72-inch long model could hold up any weight edging 140 lbs. The sun dolphin Bali has everything for the kids presenting some of the memorable kayaking experiences with their parents.



  • This model is only suitable for lighter kids.

  • Molded holder enables extra safety of the paddles.

  • Square stern mechanism makes sure the stability and balance.


  • There is no additional storage on the deck.

  • A maximum of 140 lbs is not compatible with some kids.

Why choose sun dolphin kayaks?

Sun dolphin is a well-renowned brand of water sports manufacturing boats, particularly for fishing. The built quality differs from different sports and mechanism. The kayaks come with all the necessary accessories that you might need while operating the same. It will even help you to downstep the fast water current: the company deals, customers with a very warm response when called upon.

Why choose sun dolphin kayaks?

Some Points To Consider Before Buying Sun Dolphin Kayak

Where will you use your kayak?

Using your kayak needs specifications regarding your usage type. A beginner or a base model is well suited for shallow and calm water. Intermediate and advance models act smoothly even on deep and rough water condition likes that of whitewater. Flat hull kayak is the best option for you if you are opting for fishing. Some kayaks models like V-shaped, rounded model, pontoon hulls are also a good option for fishing techniques. They perform well in deep water.

Where will you use your kayak?

Sit in and sit on kayaks:

There is an enclosed cockpit for sit-in kayaks. In this kayak, the user is sitting below the water level. This is a very popular model for choppy waters. The tipping problem deals with the secondary stability.

A sit on kayaks position the kayak on or above the water level. In this model, the kayaker is sitting over the kayak in an open cockpit. These types of kayaks are highly popular with beginners. They are highly stable, but their performance is slower as the water is calm.

Sit in and sit on kayaks:

What would be the length of your kayak?

The length of the kayak depends purely on your kayaking needs. The longer kayaks are faster. The longer kayaks allow you to store more gear with you for an overnight long trip. Shorter kayaks are faster while moving with sharp turns and maneuverability. A model consisting of a dimensional length of about 17 to 22 feet long is suitable for an ocean trip.

What would be the length of your kayak?

Which model is better than a lightweight or heavy-duty?

The transportation is easier through the lightweight kayaks. They are often preferable for adventure sport. They are costly as compared to their counterpart. They hardly bear the additional weight. Carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and fiberglass are the main components for manufacturing the lightweight kayaks.

lightweight or heavy-duty kayak

What is the additional feature that you want on your kayaks?

There are different types of additional features loaded with certain properties in different kayaks. A live bait, holder, a fishing rod mount with a fish finder are some of the additional features in the fishing kayaks. Some kayaks also include storage space for paddles. It completely depends on your need for which kind of kayak you want to perform your drill.

additional feature that you want on your kayaks

What are your spending goals?

There are different types of additional features loaded with certain properties in different kayaks. A live bait, holder, a fishing rod mount with a fish finder are some of the additional features in the fishing kayaks. Some kayaks also include storage space for paddles. It completely depends on your need for which kind of kayak you want to perform your drill.

What are your spending goals?

What are the essential kayaking accessories?

The main kayaking accessories include:

  • Paddles: These help you move your boat and turn. These are lightweight equipment made from aluminum, which comes with a T handle.

  • Anchor trolleys: They make your navigation easier and provides smooth turns.

  • Paddle holders: They are responsible for holding your paddles so that the paddles may not slip into the water.

  • Rudders: They help you with steering options. They are easy to install, and most of the users prefer the rudders with an anchor trolley for smooth operation.

  • Life vest (PFD): This is an essential kit for the safety of the user. It is very important to wear a life vest while kayaking in the rough and whitewater.

  • Cockpit cover: the cockpit cover helps you to keep your kayak safe from critters and any type of debris while storing.

  • Patch kit or Repair kit: when you are planning an adventure sport, the repair kit is very important and must carry the product so that it avoids to halt your program.

There are different types of additional features loaded with certain properties in different kayaks. A live bait, holder, a fishing rod mount with a fish finder are some of the additional features in the fishing kayaks. Some kayaks also include storage space for paddles. It completely depends on your need for which kind of kayak you want to perform your drill.

How do we compare the sun dolphin with other brands?

compare the sun dolphin with other brands

The sun dolphin brand is best known for its range of kayak benefiting beginners. They focus on proving the best quality of fishing kayaks. They come handy at a very affordable price. These kayaks offer greater stability and custom design options with additional durability. There is a custom angler for different types of kayak models in the same group. While we rectify the durability and flexibility of the system, ORU kayaks are also a good option. The ORU specializes in providing portable, folded kayaks providing additional storage. For the ocean kayak Vibe brand is the preferable option.

How can you take care of your kayak?

take care of your kayak

Always keep in mind to drain the kayak after you complete your kayaking. Clean the kayak with clean and fresh water. There should be no additional salt remains on the kayak. Prefer to use a mild soap to remove any debris or dirt.

Make sure your kayak has been dry and clean. Close the cockpit with the cockpit cover. You should hang your kayak on the sidewall for safety purposes. Tighten the kayak with the ropes so as to avoid any wear or tear. Read the user manual carefully for storing the kayak after the usage.

What are the safety tips while kayaking?

safety tips while kayaking

It is essential to follow the safety rules before you opt for kayaking in deep water. You should always wear a safety vest while entering into the cockpit of the kayaks. You should be well aware of the paddling area. You should also practice the cold water operation before entering the cold water.

If you enter the cold water before practicing the same, it could prove to be very dangerous. You should always wear thermal protection in cold water. Always wear a life jacket as compulsory equipment while kayaking. Make sure you have the appropriate skill for kayaking before you enter into your kayak.


How can I purchase the sun dolphin kayaks online?

You can easily purchase your sun dolphin kayaks online at the Amazon. Amazon also offers different types of offers from time to time on sun dolphin kayaks and its accessories.

Can I replace the seat from my sun dolphin kayak for upgrading my model?

Yes, you can easily replace the old ones with the newer model. Most of the users adjust the seat according to their comfort zone.

what are the weight specs for the sun dolphin kayak?

The sun dolphin kayaks come in a wide variety, and the range differs from one variant to another. It can usually hold 250 to 350 lbs, which completely varies from product to product.

what are the sun dolphin brand kayaks made up of?

Most of the sun dolphin kayaks are made of UV stabilized and fiberglass ABS plastic. These are the preferred materials for the kayaks.