Trojan T105 Vs Duracell – Comparison Of Performance – 2023

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Gas or electric are the two alternatives in which golf carts are available. Out of these two choices electric golf carts have procured more acceptance as we move towards transport that’s emission-free.

Golf carts especially electric ones have gained more popularity due to their quiet nature, and preferred for numerous resort properties and golf courses. There should not be any hindrance for the experience of other players and electric ones are the best in this concern.

This is very much clear, that electric golf carts will need a battery replacement at some point of time.

Top-line choices -Trojan T 105 or Duracell. We are focussing on the assessment of these two batteries, offering you clarity as to which one delivers superior performance + value for money.

Let us start with Trojan T 105….

Their History

Way back in the year 1925 Trojan was the first brand to construct deep-cycle flooded battery. In the year – 1952, they established the golf cart battery. Since then and till today the company boasts of being the battery choice of 90% of the golf courses in the US.

Trojan is renowned to create golf cart batteries that are long-lasting and deep cycle products. Unique selling points of the company being:

  1. Power
  2. Longevity
  3. Reliability

May be the Trojan batteries may have got some sort of criticism for the gas being produced during operation, but the casing used is entirely composed of recycled materials. This way the manufacturer takes the responsibility of minimizing battery waste too.

Even on the global scale the Trojan batteries are trusted by the military.

Trojan Batteries - Features and Benefits – T 105

Trojan Grid Technology

Lead-antimony alloy is used to make the grids of these batteries. The perfect combo of Alpha plus Paste and T2 technology offers a durable frame.

You are left with a consistent battery performance as the grid design maximizes the flow and guards against corrosion thereby resulting less down-time and maintenance costs.

Alpha Plus® Paste

Trojan batteries are equivalent to the worlds best batteries ever made that make use of the Alpha plus Paste for augmenting its porosity development. Generally, during the discharge the porous electrodes structure changes and gets minimized.

This has a great impact on the battery performance as it can sustain itself only for a limited duration. The performance of the battery is enhanced for increased periods due to Alpha Plus paste.

T2 Technology

The T2 metal agent is a part of the Alpha Plus that strengthens its electrochemical processing ability. Due to this the sustained capacity of the battery is maximized and the ampere hours are increased. For longer hours you are left with more operating power.

HydroLink Vent Assembly

The unique feature is these Trojan T 105 batteries is their Hydro link Vent assembly, which comprises of:

  1. Independent water level indicator
  2. Valve shut-off
  3. Dual-flame arrestors

All these features together help in water maintenance as the independent water level indicator helps you in the determination of water needs of the battery. You will get a signal when the battery will have sufficient water.

Managing the cell electrolyte levels is the work of the Valve shut off feature. Any overflow or acid spillage is prevented due to excess water.

Lastly, the dual flame arrestors include external and internal arrestors which eliminate any sparks from travelling to the other cells into the battery.

Volt Options

The three primary voltage options are available in Trojan golf cart batteries.

  1. 6 – volt
  2. 8 – volt
  3. 12 – volt

Ampere Rating

At 25 amps the Trojan batteries can run for 475 minutes = 7.91 hours. Contrarily, if you discharge the batteries at 75 –amps the batteries will last for 115 minutes only.


Trojan battery is a premium quality product and the model T 105 is rated around $ 264.99. Though if you go for other models the durability, voltage, and ampere-rate will have an impact on the price.


  • Quick charge
  • Enhanced durability
  • Increased run time
  • Offers more power to your golf cart
  • Two-year warranty


  • Some find it slightly high-priced.
  • Needs water maintenance in routine.

Now it’s the turn of Duracell….

Their History

Another name that springs to mind when we talk about batteries is Duracell. In the year 1969 the Duracell proudly became the first battery on the moon. Nevertheless, the brand celebrated its glorious 100 years recently.

All this is pretty impressive, but how great are their golf cart batteries actually.

Golf cart batteries made by Duracell are well-known for their low maintenance and excellent value-for-money.

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries - Features and Benefits

Fortified Internal Connections

Equipped with internal connections the Duracell golf cart batteries eliminate the risk of loss of performance caused by vibration damage. Depending on the terrain you stay the extensive vibrations can damage the batteries’ internal parts.

Premium Glass Mat Reinforcements

Duracell hires the glass mat reinforcements that augments the capability of the batteries to store energy. With this the battery charge time is also reduced.

Hermetic Cover

Terminal corrosion is prevented by the post seal which is fitted with a Hermetic cover on Duracell batteries.

If the terminals of your battery begin to corrode then you may experience problems while starting the cart. This may further lead to other problems with the other golf cart components.

Lower Level of Maintenance

Optimal water utilization is offered by the ultra-pure electrolytes with a big reservoir, minimizing the frequency of watering chores. For minimizing the battery’s water consumption, Duracell installs specific alloy + separator materials. This reduces the battery water consumption overall and minimizes the constancy of water maintenance.

The company’s batteries also comprise of the Twist & Release Vent Cap system. This allows all vent caps to be released in one motion, making water-replacement maintenance a simple task.

Durable Batteries

The Duracell batteries offer increased durability resulting in low maintenance needs. The battery is created using a reinforced polypropylene case with cover. This works as a shield eliminating any damage from harsh outdoor situations.

A durable battery always comes with a yes. Fortified and solid posts form a part of this product and this keeps the battery fluid safe from overheating, evaporating, and mal-functioning.

Volt Options

You get the golf cart batteries in two options – Duracell 6V and 8V options. The 6-volt battery comes with three-electrolyte vent well openings. Whereas the 8-volt option makes use of four-electrolyte well openings.

Ampere Rate

Most of the golfers are after the amperage rate and this what the statistics also say. The capacity of these batteries at 25 – amps is 395 minutes / 6.58 hours.

This is adequate enough to get through 18 holes. If you run your battery at 75 amps, this will last for 105 minutes.


This is dictated by the functionality and voltage of the battery. If you take an average then one unit will be at $80 to $100.


  • Great durability.
  • Less watering & charging needed.
  • Eliminates terminal corrosion.
  • Protected from performance loss due to vibration damage.
  • 12-month warranty.


  • Only distilled water can be used.
  • The charge is not as long as its competitor Trojan.

An Honest Comparison – Trojan T 105 Vs. Duracell Golf Cart Battery


In comparison to the Trojan T 105 the Duracell battery is much more affordable. But the Trojan batteries are designed to work 3X more than its Duracell buddy.

Winner of this round- Duracell

Ampere Rate

As mentioned above also the Trojan batteries have the ability to run for 7.91 hours at 25 amps. On the other hand the Duracell batteries work an hour or less with the same amount of amps.

Winner of this round- Trojan T 105


Less maintenance is what the Duracell batteries ask for, especially when watering is concerned. If you are in search of low maintenance costs and water bills then Duracell is unbeatable.

Winner of this round- Duracell

Life Span

Golf cart batteries created by Trojan boast of the longest life span ever. With good care and maintenance these can last up to six years or so.

Contrarily, the Duracell batteries tend to have a longer life span relatively but not as much as Trojan. Four to five years is what you get out of these.

Winner of this round: Trojan T 105

Some Great Golf Cart Battery Alternatives

ExpertPower Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Universal Power Group Sealed AGM Battery

Lifeline Marine AGM Battery

Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Crown VS Trojan

If we compare Trojan with Crown golf cart battery then the latter are deep cycle AGM, while the former is a deep-cycle flooded battery. Warranty of the Crown batteries is shorter than the Trojan batteries (a year or so).

But something makes the warranty of Crown better than the Trojan as they are come a lot more readily than Trojan.

We go with Crown as it needs low up-front costs and do not need watering as a maintenance routine. The Crown does not emit gaseous substances (more greener) and stays environmentally-friendly staying suitable for outdoor and indoor use alike.


If affordability along with durability is your concern then Duracell is a suitable option for your golf cart battery. More maintenance is on the cards of a Trojan battery but the power offered and longevity is much higher.

Overall your personal preferences rule your choices always. The Trojan is a great battery, if you do not want to replace your battery for longer by spending some more on this. Hence, this is worth every penny….Believe us!

Before you finalise your purchase, you can check out the other alternatives too.

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