Value Power Battery Reviews

Have you ever came across a car battery priced less than $50? Value Power battery is one such battery. Besides being the most pocket-friendly option, it is one of the best car batteries you can get anywhere.

You can choose from a range of automotive, marine, Powersports, and lawn and garden batteries. This lead-acid battery comes with a cold-cranking amp that ranges from 490- 650.

This super simple and robust battery is nevertheless a worth trying option. To reassure this statement, have a look at some of the reviews.

Who Manufactures Value Power Battery?

Value Power battery, also known as Everstart Value Battery is manufactured by Johnson Controls, an American battery manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis.

Accredited with the title of the world’s largest battery maker in the world and owner of global brands like Varta, LTH, Heliar, MAC, Delkor and even Optima, Johnson Controls is the sole producer of all Walmart Everstart Batteries. Such batteries are sold at Walmart.

Value Power Battery

Battery Group Types

Value Power batteries come in a variety of group types with different characteristics and cold-cranking amps. Have a look at some of them.

  • Value Power Lead Acid Automotive Battery with Group 26- It delivers 525 cold-cranking amps to ensure reliable, all-season performance. It offers an easy way to replace a worn-out or damaged car battery.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 26R- It aims to deliver 540 cold-cranking amps for reliable starts in all weather. It has conveniently located top posts for easily connecting positive and negative terminals.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 75- It is meant to deliver 550 cold-cranking amps for a good start. Like other group sizes, it assures dependable power at a value price.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 35- Unlike other models, it delivers less cold-cranking amps i.e. just 490.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 24F- It is engineered to deliver 585 cold-cranking amps.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 78- It boasts of delivering 600 cold-cranking amps which are considered a good figure.

  • Value Power Automotive Battery with Group Size 65- It delivers 650 cold-cranking amps is the highest among all group sizes.

Why To Buy?

  • It is meant to last for a number of years if you charge it properly.

  • It is compatible with a range of vehicles.

  • It comes equipped with a handle that makes porting and installation an easy process.

  • Every Walmart Auto Care Center offers free testing, installation and free recycling of your old car battery.

  • It guarantees Dependable power at a value price

  • It exceeds industry standards on starting power and quality

Why Not To Buy?

  • It comes with just a one-year warranty instead of 2-5 year warranty like the other Walmart batteries.

  • Less cold-cranking amps which mean it is meant for those in chilly areas or where the temperature drops a lot.

  • Being a lead-acid battery, it requires some form of maintenance.

Real User Reviews

  • A user of Value Power Battery stated that he bought this battery for his 2003 Camry 2.4L 4 years ago on 02/2016. He drove straight 4 years without any issue. This battery was showing compatible with his car at that time. He added that no battery can’t beat the value and price of this battery. It is undoubtedly performing very well just like any other more expensive batteries. Rest, he is very happy with the battery and it well served him for 4 years without any kind of issue.

  • Another user claimed that though Amazon and eBay have some of the greatest items, but they can’t beat the good old Walmart in price and quality. The Value Power Battery is one such excellent option. You can’t even buy a rebuilt battery for this price and it works flawlessly. He recommends others too to buy this again and again as it’s such a great deal 1/3 of the price that you would pay anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does Value Power Battery last?

Ans: With proper maintenance and care, Value Power Battery can last from about two to three years. Rest, it depends on how often and in which type of climate the battery is used the most. For instance, in freezing climates, the battery won’t last as long.

Q2. What so good about Value Power Battery?

Ans: Value Power Battery is priced at amazingly affordable pricing in which you can’t even buy a rebuilt battery. Secondly, it offers a great value and assures long life span.

Q3. Who manufactures Value Power batteries sold at Walmart?

Ans: Johnson Controls is known for manufacturing Value Power batteries. It is an American battery manufacturer headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. It is the world’s largest battery maker in the world and owner of global brands like Varta, LTH, Heliar, MAC, Delkor and even Optima.


If you are thinking to invest in a Value Power Battery, upon closer inspection of its pros and cons and some real user reviews, you might be well acquainted with this battery. Well, manufactured by a reputed company and sold at Walmart that offers free testing and installation; it is extremely a cost-effective option. Even it comes with a tag of durability and has more cold cranking amps than your stock battery.

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